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More Folding Door Configurations Impact Certified

Impact resistant sash windows

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Ultra Series folding doors in many more configurations have been certified to meet impact testing criteria for large missile impact Level D and Wind Zone 4 testing standards (IPD4). The IPD4 rating indicates these products are an excellent choice for hurricane areas, as well for any region of the country that is subject to severe storms or gale-force winds.

Highlights of Ultra Series folding doors with K-Force® impact performance upgrades:

  • Panels up to a maximum width of 39-3/8" and a maximum panel height of 96" are certified
  • Over 20 operational configurations meet IPD4 criteria (large missile impact Level D and Wind Zone 4 testing standards)
  • The double pane insulating impact laminated glass units are energy efficient as well
As shown below, folding doors from 2- to 8-panels wide in various operational configurations meet IPD4:

Ultra Series folding doors with impact modifications are an excellent choice for entertaining areas that expand to meet the outdoors.

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