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Garden-Aire Sliding Patio Door with AFA Operation

Product Details: Ultra Series | Heritage Series | Download 3d Models

3-Wide AFA — Now a Standard Sliding Patio Door Configuration

More Pass-Through Area

Kolbe offers top-quality sliding patio doors in its Ultra and Heritage Series of products. Now, to provide more passage space, we offer a new, 3-wide active-fixed-active (AFA) configuration.

AFA sliding door units are not a combination of two units. Rather, there are three panels within one frame. The fixed center panel is large enough to accommodate the two operating panels — so both can open to the center of the unit at once.

No Sacrifice of Style

AFA Garden-Aire sliding patio doors offer the features available for other Ultra and Heritage Series Garden-Aire sliding patio doors, including wide bottom rails as shown above. This new configuration is perfect where space won't allow for multi-panel, lift & slide, or folding doors.

Multiple Sizes

Sizes for AFA sliding doors include 9-6, 11-6 and 15-6 widths in all the standard sliding patio door heights.* Custom sizes may be requested.

3-Wide AFA Units Flanker Glass Width Flanker Panel Width Center Glass Width Center Panel Width Frame Width Rough Opening Width
9-6 25-1/4" 30-1/4" 51-1/2" 56-1/2" 113-7/8" 114-3/8"
11-6 31-1/4" 36-1/4" 63-1/2" 68-1/2" 137-7/8" 138-3/8"
15-6 43-1/4" 48-1/4" 87-1/2" 92-1/2" 185-7/8" 186-3/8"

*Excluding any that exceed glass size limitations (i.e., the 15-6 width is not available in a height of 8-0).

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