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Ultra Series Tilt-Turn Windows

Press Release | Product Details

European Functionality meets American Style.

The Ultra Series tilt-turn is a versatile window that combines American flush-to-frame design with European functionality. With the simple turn of a handle, this dual-action product can:

  • Operate like a hopper window by tilting in with the opening at the top for ventilation
  • Operate like an inswing casement for greater ventilation, access, and easy cleaning

Ultra Series tilt-turn windows have three layers of weatherstripping for optimal performance and a tight seal in even the most extreme climates. As standard, the aluminum exterior jamb is 4-9/16", however options are available.

Flexible Operation

A variety of functional options are available to customize the unit operation to specific needs:

  • Tilt-before-turn as standard

  • Turn-before-tilt
  • Turn-only (inswing)
  • Tilt-only
  • Hopper (inswing with opening at the top)

Hardware Options

Tilt-turns feature modern, streamlined handles in these colors:

  • Rustic Umber (standard)
  • White (option)
  • Black (option, shown)

Handles are centered vertically on the sash stiles as standard. However, custom placement may be requested for design flexibility or operational convenience. Note that on the "hopper unit" shown above, the handle is below-center to align with the handles on either side.

As standard, tilt-turn windows do not lock. Keyed handles are available, however. Additionally, for tilt-first windows, there is a tilt-only option which allows the unit to be "locked" so it is restriced to tilt operation. It must be "unlocked" to restore its turn functionality.

Matching Units

Stationary transom, picture, and direct sets units are available to match venting tilt-turns.

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