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Retractable Screens for Crank-Out Casements & Awnings

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Effortless Operation, Open View

With Kolbe's retractable screen for Ultra Series crank-out casements & awnings, window screens no longer have to obscure your view. You choose when you want to use the screen; the rest of the time it is hidden away from sight. Plus, operation is practically effortless.


  • Wood components match the unit's interior, disguise the screen hardware and reveal only the beauty of the window and view beyond
  • Wood components are available are available in a variety of wood species to match the unit and can be factory-finished or finished on the job site


  • Simply slide the "pull bar" down to the sill to engage the screen
  • A gentle press on the "pull bar" causes the screen to retract up
  • GreenGuard® Certified BetterVue® fiberglass screen mesh is less obtrusive to the view than many screens


  • The screen can be factory-applied or as a kit for job site installation
  • The kit can be installed on existing, previously-installed windows*

The retractable screen is available for Ultra Series crank-out casements & awningscrank-out EP casements & awnings, and crank-out XL awnings.

*Limitations and size restrictions apply. Please contact your local Kolbe dealer to learn more about retractable screens for crank-out casements & awnings. 

Not currently available on Heritage, Classic, Latitude or Windquest Series Casements or Awnings.

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