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Ultra Series Crank-Out XL Awning Windows

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Meeting the Demand for Large, Venting Windows

In response to the design/build community's interest in extremely large operating windows, we are pleased to introduce the Ultra Series XL Awning. These extra-large awnings have crank-out operation with heavy-duty operating arms, multi-point locks, and are available with the same extruded aluminum brickmould, sill nosing and other accessory options as for as other Ultra Series products. Complementary stationary picture, sash set transom, radius & geometric windows are available as well.

Features & Options:

  • 2-1/4"  thick sash* accommodates double- or triple-pane glass (*nominal measurement)
  • Various LoE coatings help achieve the maximum energy efficiency for each project
  • Available with NEW retractable screens for crank-out windows
  • Performance Grade (PG) rating of 45


  • Venting Size Width: Minimum 20"; Maximum 60"
  • Venting Size Height: Minimum over 36"; Maximum 84"
  • Not available in the Heritage Series (i.e. wood exterior)
  • Not available impact-performance certified
Kolbe FSC certified wood

Plus – to further encourage sustainable design – Kolbe can supply products built with wood that has been Forest Stewardship Council Chain-of-Custody certified. Ask your dealer for details.

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