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More TerraSpan Lift & Slide Door Sizes offer Impact Resistance

Ultra Series TerraSpan® lift & slide doors up to 10 feet tall have been certified to meet impact testing criteria for large missile impact Level D and Wind Zone 4 testing standards (IPD4).* The IPD4 rating indicates these products are an excellent choice for hurricane areas, as well for any region of the country that is subject to severe storms or gale-force winds.

Impact resistant sash windows

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Highlights of Ultra Series TerraSpan® lift & slide doors with K-Force® impact performance upgrades:

*Limitations apply regarding size and operation configuration.

Highlights & options of all Ultra Series TerraSpan® lift & slide doors:

Ultra Series Sterling TerraSpan® lift & slide doors with impact modifications are a beautiful choice for either residential or commercial building projects.

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