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Ultra Sterling Double Hung now available with Triple Pane Glass

To complement other products with triple pane glass the Ultra Sterling Double Hung will also be available with a triple pane glass option.  This option is only available in an operating double hung unit and the corresponding transom.

Triple Pane Glass Specifications:

  1. A triple pane insulating glass unit is used
  2. Surface 2 is coated with LoE²-270 (or substitute a different LoE coating, such as LoE³-366 or LoE²-240)
  3. The "airspace" is filled with argon gas to further prevent solar heat gain in summer and heat loss in winter; no argon is available upon request; argon gas is not used in units to be shipped to or through high altitude areas
  4. Thermo-Edge, stainless steel spacer bars help prevent heat loss, reduce potential for condensation, and improve overall U-factor
  5. Surface 5 is coated with LoE-180

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