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Windquest EP: Exceeding Energy Requirements

Windquest® Series crank-out casement, crank-out awning, and stationary studio units are available as Energy Performance (EP) units. A triple-pane glazing system helps these products achieve remarkable a energy performance rating of R-5.

With this glazing system:

Windquest EP glass profile - click to enlargeHere's how the Energy Performance (EP) glazing system works:

  1. A triple-pane insulating glass unit is used
  2. Surface 2 is coated with LoE²-270 to reject the sun's heat
  3. The "airspaces" are filled with argon gas to further prevent solar heat gain in summer and heat loss in winter (no argon is available upon request; argon gas is not used in units to be shipped to or through high altitude areas)
  4. Thermo-Edge, stainless steel spacer bars help prevent heat loss, reduce potential for condensation, and improve overall U-factor
  5. Surface 5 is coated with LoE-180 to further augment the insulating value

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