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ThermaPlus Glass for Greater Energy Savings

Energy requirements are becoming more stringent, with lower U-factors and solar heat gain coefficients necessary to be eligible for federal energy tax credits. That's why we at Kolbe have added the option of ThermaPlus glass for most of our products.

ThermaPlus glass enhances the thermal performance of our windows, saving homeowners money in reduced energy costs. Plus, it helps more products meet federal tax credit requirements. 

Here's how ThermaPlus glass works:

  1. ThermaPlus energy efficient glass option - click to enlargeA double-pane insulating glass unit is used
  2. Surface 2 is coated with LoE²-270  to reject the sun's heat OR with LoE³-366 for an ideal balance of solar control and high visibility
  3. The "airspace" is filled with argon gas to further prevent solar heat gain in summer and heat loss in winter; no argon is available upon request; argon gas is not used in units to be shipped to or through high altitude areas
  4. Surface 4 has a ThermaPlus coating for greater thermal performance and durability
  5. Thermo-Edge, stainless steel spacer bars help prevent heat loss, reduce potential for condensation, and improve overall U-factor

Whether building new or renovating, choose Kolbe's innovative ThermaPlus glass option. It's not only a wise choice, it's a sound investment.

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