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Options Overview

The options shown below are just an overview of what's available. Please review the product pages to learn what options are available for each model. Limitations may apply.

On-screen images of finishes and colors may vary slightly from actual colors. Selections should be made based on actual color samples. Prices may vary depending on the color or finish chosen. 

Glass Terminology, Features & Benefits (expand for details -->)
Standard Double Pane Insulating Glass for Energy Efficiency across U.S. Climate Zones

  1. Double Pane Insulating Glass (standard)
  2. LoE²-270 or request a different LoE coating such as LoE²-240 or LoE³-366
  3. Argon Gas (standard)
  4. Thermo-Edge, Stainless Steel Spacer Bars (standard)

Glass Option - Triple Pane Insulating Glass

  1. Triple Pane Insulating Glass
  2. LoE²-270 (or substitute a different LoE coating, such as LoE³-366 or LoE²-240)

  3. Argon Gas
  4. Thermo-Edge, Stainless Steel Spacer Bars
  5. LoE-180
  • Meets or exceeds ENERGY STAR criteria for U.S. & Canada's climate zones

NOTE: Size limitations apply. Not available with laminated glass panes. The only obscure glass patterns available are Pattern 62 and Glue Chip.

Glass Option - Mountain Air Energy Package


  • In high altitude areas, breather tubes must be used in insulating glass units to allow for changes in pressure
  • Argon gas is not available when breather tubes are specified, making it more difficult to meet stringent energy efficiency levels to meet tax credit requirements

Kolbe's Solution:

  • ThermaPlus glass with LoE³-366 helps products meet a U-Factor of .30 without argon gas
  • Plus, a specially-constructed frame further aids energy efficiency

ThermaPlus (option)

  1. Double Pane Insulating Glass
  2. LoE²-270 (or substitute a different LoE coating, such as LoE³-366 or LoE²-240)
  3. Argon Gas
  4. ThermaPlus Coating on indoor surface of the glass
  • Specially-designed, heat-activated coating augments the energy efficiency
  • Designed to meet increasingly stringent energy requirements for tax credit eligibility
  1. Thermo-Edge, Stainless Steel Spacer Bars

Glass Option - Impact Resistance

K-Force impact resistant Kolbe products

  • Laminated glass with impact resistance adds protection in severe weather
  • Specific impact certification levels may require other impact glass features plus product modifications

 View Video of Impact Testing

Glass Option - Neat Glass

You may request Neat® glass on any product with double or triple pane glass and LoE coating(s)*. Here are the benefits:

  1. Rain sheets off more efficiently, so water spotting is reduced
  2. Dirt washes away in the rain more readily, so you spend less time cleaning
  3. Allows more daylight in than comparable competitive products

How does it work?

A titanium dioxide layer is applied, which reacts chemically with the sun's UV rays and causes organic materials to decompose. When it rains, the dirt rinses away. Plus smoother glass is cleaner glass. The sputter coating process makes the glass ultra smooth, so the water "sheets off" more readily than it would on uncoated glass, and it allows more visible light transmittance than any comparable competitive product.

 Watch a video

*Except units with specialty glass on surface #1 or #2

Glass Option - Preserve Protective Film

  • Recommended for all windows & doors to protect the glass during shipping & installation
  • Film applied to the interior and exterior of insulating glass as they are assembled
  • After installation simply peel the film off the glass, and along goes job site dirt and debris, as well as paint or stain spatters. What's left is clean and clear – beautiful windows and doors.

Provides protection during:

  • Glazing and assembly of the windows and doors
  • Packaging, loading and shipping processes
  • Unloading, carried onto the job site, exposure to daily construction
  • Installation

Watch a video

NOTE: Not available on single-glazed units, units with true divided lites or other small insulating glass units, or some types of decorative glass. Contact your local Kolbe dealer for more information.

Glass Option - Elegant Beauty

Finely Crafted Glass

  • Custom glass options catch and beautifully cast light into your home; some finely crafted glass may include:
    • Clear Baroque glass (#1 shown) or Colored Baroque glass (Gray, #10)
    • Clear Beveled glass (#2 shown) or Colored Beveled glass (Gray, #8)
    • Colored Glass in Custom Designs (#3)
    • V-Grooves (#4), Etched Patterns and/or Frosted glass
    • Colored Water glass (Pink, #5 shown) or Clear Water glass (#7)
    • Brass (#9), Lead, or Zinc (#6) Caming
  • Crafted elements are within a Triple Pane Insulating Glass unit to make cleaning easy, protect the beauty, and add insulating value
  • Many types obscure visibility for increased privacy

NOTE: Not available with LoE coatings, argon gas or Thermo-Edge spacer bars

Glass Option - Privacy or Aesthetic Interest

Patterned Obscure Glass

  • Obscures visibility for increased privacy
  • Variety of attractive patterns:
    • Pattern 62
    • Glue Chip
    • Rain
    • Frosted Matte
    • Aquatex
    • Industrex
    • Reeded (vertical)
    • Reeded (horizontal)

NOTES: Other patterns may be available by special order. Rain is not available with PDL bars on the obscure glass surface. Ratings for products with obscured or wired glass and/or stained glass shall be deemed to be equivalent to the ratings for clear glass (NFRC 200 Section 4.5.G).

Glass Option - For Safety, Security & Quiet

  1. Double Pane Insulating Glass
  2. LoE Coating Options
  3. Argon Gas
  4. Thermo-Edge, Stainless Steel Spacer Bars
  5. Laminated Glass - two pieces of glass fused together with a plastic interlayer
  • Helps prevent broken glass from causing injury
  • Helps to protect against intruders
  • Greater UV blockage prevents furniture and fabrics from fading
  • Reduces sound transmission

NOTE: Either one or both pane(s) may be laminated. If products must meet specific impact or design pressure ratings, they may or may not incorporate laminated glass, and may require construction and structural modifications as well.

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