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Classic Series Double Hung Studios

Classic Series Traditional Double Hungs & Studio units with PDL bars

Classic Series

  • Wood interior
  • Roll-formed aluminum clad exterior
  • Four classic exterior color options
  • 20-year ltd ext finish warranty

Classic Series Double Hung Studios

  • Larger stationary window, used alone or in combination with other double hungs
  • Sloped sill creates a traditional appearance and helps protect against water damage


Studio Unit Shapes

  • Studio units are stationary

Studio Units & Mulled Picture Windows

  • Double hung picture window combinations usually have operating double hungs on either side of a stationary studio unit
  • Transoms may be stacked above double hungs, studio units and/or mull configurations. For more information about transoms, see Double Hungs > Transom

These are just a few of the many possible configurations. More examples are available in our Photo Gallery.


Glass Terminology (expand for details -->)
Double Pane Insulating Glass with LoE²-270

  • Standard in most Kolbe windows and doors
  • Achieves energy efficiency across the various climate zones in the U.S.
  1. Double pane insulating glass
  2. LoE²-270 (other LoE coatings avaialble)
  3. Argon gas (for exceptions, see Glass Terminology)
  4. Thermo-Edge, stainless steel spacer bars


ThermaPlus is an optional, additional interior coating applied to help meet the strictest energy requirements and provide protection against heat loss and UV damage.

  1. Double pane insulating glass
  2. LoE²-270 (other LoE coatings available)
  3. Argon gas (for exceptions, see Glass Terminology)
  4. ThermaPlus coating on indoor surface of the glass
  1. Thermo-Edge, stainless steel spacer bars

Laminated Glass

The benefits of choosing laminated glass include safety, security, sound control and the ultimate in UV blockage.

  1. Double pane insulating glass
  2. LoE coating options
  3. Argon gas (for exceptions, see Glass Terminology)
  4. Thermo-Edge, stainless steel spacer bars
  5. Laminated glass - two pieces of glass fused together with a plastic interlayer

NOTE: Either one or both pane(s) may be laminated. If products must meet specific impact or design pressure ratings, they may or may not incorporate laminated glass, and may require construction and structural modifications as well.

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is standard in doors for safety and available in windows to meet specific building codes. If broken, tempered glass shatters into small fragments rather than large, sharp shards.

Patterned Glass

Pattern 62 obscure glass can provide shading, increase privacy, and add to the visual interest of a window or door. It is held within the insulating glass unit, which allows a smooth surface that is easily cleaned.

Neat Glass

You may request Neat® glass, which harnesses the sun’s UV rays to loosen dirt so water can rinse it away, leaving windows virtually spotless. A special sputter-coating process makes the exterior glass surface ultra smooth, so the water "sheets off" more readily than it would on uncoated glass, allowing you to spend less time cleaning.

 Watch a video

*Except units with specialty glass on surface #1 or #2

Preserve Protective Film

Preserve is an optional, protective film that protects the glass from scratches during transit and construction, as well as reducing the time involved in job site clean-up.

Watch a video

NOTE: Not available on single-glazed units, units with true divided lites or other small insulating glass units, or some types of decorative glass. Contact your local Kolbe dealer for more information.

Divided Lites

The PDL System for Ultra, Heritage & Classic Series Products

The Performance Divided Lite (PDL) system uses a single insulating glass unit, which offers much better U-factors than true divided lite units. This is due to the large, unobstructed thermal break created by airflow within the insulating glass unit.

  1. Wood bars are adhered to the interior of the insulating glass unit*
  2. Aluminum, beveled-profile bars are adhered to the exterior*
  3. Champagne-colored bars are held within the insulating glass unit

*Some intricate designs and coastal applications may require a composite material for the exterior PDL bars and are not coated with fluoropolymer finish.

PDL bars

  • Exterior & interior bars are finished to match the exterior or interior of the window or door unit
  • Optional bar widths: 5/8", 7/8", 1-1/8", 1-3/4", 2-1/4", 4-1/2" and custom
  • Interior bar profiles: beveled (standard), ovolo, and square

NOTE: Double pane insulating glass have one bar within the insulating glass unit, as shown above. Triple pane insulating glass have two bars, one in each airspace. Limitations may apply, especially to curved bars.

Interior Removable Grilles for Ultra, Heritage & Classic Series Products

Interior removable wood grilles offer aesthetic flexibility, as well as easy cleaning. They are available only on wood products.

Construction & Benefits

  • Built with full surround frame and bars that interlock at the joints for stability
  • Applied to interior of window using exclusive hidden clip system
  • Offer the ability to change styles by removing the grilles
  • Can easily be removed to clean the glass
  • Species: pine (standard), other wood species (option)

Bar Profiles & Widths

  • Interior bar profiles: beveled (standard), and ovolo (option)
  • Optional bar widths: 7/8", 1-1/8", and custom

Factory Finishes

  • Prefinishing available to match interior finish of entire unit (option)

NOTE: If ovolo bar profile is chosen, glazing beads will be ovolo to match. If a finish is requested, it will be applied to both sides of the grille; i.e., the sides seen from the interior and exterior will be finished the same. Primer is not available on grilles.

Grilles-in-the-Airspace (GIA) for Ultra, Heritage & Classic Series Products

  • Achieves a style similar to true divided lites
  • Easy to clean, with no obstruction on the interior or exterior of the glass unit
  • Aluminum bars are sealed within the "airspace" of insulating glass units*
  • The bars allow air-flow throughout the insulating glass unit, creating an unobstructed thermal break, maintaining an energy efficiency not possible with true divided lites
  1. Contoured, aluminum bars (finishes below)
  2. Flat, aluminum bars (finishes below)
  3. "Pencil-shaped" brass bars
  4. "Pencil-shaped" pewter bars


Finish Options on Contoured & Flat Bars (contoured bars shown)

  • White
  • Beige
  • Sand
  • Rustic
  • Hartford Green
  • Chutney
  • Lt Wood
  • Dk Wood

GIA for Wood

NOTES: Ask your dealer about other options. Some units are available with:

  • Flat brass bars
  • Two-tones, i.e. one color or wood appearance option on the interior and a different one on the exterior
  • Custom patterns & bar "shapes" (limitations apply due to bending capabilities)
  • Diamond patterns are not available

*For triple pane units, the bars are held within the exterior airspace. GIA are not available on Ultra or Heritage Series Sterling Double Hungs, Studio Units, or Sliding Patio Doors with triple pane glass.

**The wood "finishes" are wood appearance options and not real wood.

Glazing Bead

Beveled Glazing Beads

Beveled glazing beads help create the traditional look of wood windows

Ovolo Glazing Beads

Ovolo glazing beads create a more unique profile.

Square Glazing Beads

Square glazing beads provide a crisp, clean appearance often seen in Craftsman or contemporary design.

Exterior Finish/Colors

Polyester Finish

  • Aluminum cladding coated with a polyester finish, then baked continuously to cure and harden
  • Resists marring and fading, while increasing weatherability
  • Low maintenance, durable finish
  • 20-year warranty extended directly to the homeowner (view Warranties)
  • Warranty is transferable to subsequent homeowners
  • Available in 4 standard colors


NOTE:  On-screen images of exterior finishes may vary slightly from actual colors.  Selections should be made based on actual color samples.

Finish Option - Copper Cladding

  • Enhance the aesthetic appeal with copper cladding
  • Develops a natural and unique patina over time
  • Available on most Classic Series units

NOTE:  On-screen images of exterior finishes may vary slightly from actual colors.  Selections should be made based on actual color samples.

Interior Species

Wood Species

  • Pine (standard)
  • Alder
  • Fir
  • Maple
  • Cherry
  • Oak
  • Walnut
  • Mahogany
  • Bamboo*

NOTE: Because wood varies by nature, the actual wood used in our products may vary in grain and color from that shown here.

Other wood species may be available upon request.

NOTE: Because wood varies by nature, the actual wood used in our products may vary in grain and color from that shown here. Selections should be made based on actual samples.

*Bamboo is sourced from companies such as Lamboo, Inc.

Interior Finish/Colors


Unfinished on the interior unless requested otherwise.

Factory-Applied Primer

  • The interior of wood windows & doors may be ordered factory-primed
  • Primer prepares your windows and doors for a beautiful, painted finish to be completed on the job site

NOTE: Limitations may apply; contact your local Kolbe dealer for more information.

Factory-Applied Clear Coat or Stain

Double Clear Coat

Let the natural beauty of the wood show with a durable clear finish. Note that when a double clear coat is requested without stain, a durable, solvent-based finish will be used.


Water-based stain is applied, then two coats of clear, water-based satin finish are applied to help protect the stain. The wood is lightly sanded between the coats. Custom stain colors may be requested.

  • Double Coat Clear
  • Wheat
  • Red Wheat
  • Light Oak 998
  • Spiced Walnut
  • Sunset Oak
  • Chestnut
  • Cherry
  • Library Red
  • Coffee Bean
  • Ebony

NOTE: On-screen images of interior finishes may vary from actual colors. Stain colors shown on pine. Selections should be made based on actual color samples. Limitations may apply; contact your local Kolbe dealer for more information.

Factory-Applied Paint

After being factory-primed, a topcoat of water-based, acrylic type latex paint is applied. Custom colors may be requested.

    Bright White
    Ultra Pure White
    Ivory Tusk
    Natural Cotton

NOTE:  On-screen images of interior finishes may vary from actual colors.  Selections should be made based on actual color samples.  Limitations may apply; contact your local Kolbe dealer for more information.

Interior Trim

Interior Trim Options

Accent the interior of windows and doors with interior casing.

  • 2-1/8" wide ranch casing (1) or 2-1/4" wide colonial casing (2) in pine or oak
  • Radius casing
  • Specialty mouldings are available in pine, oak and other wood species
  • Shipped loose for field application


Corner Block Options

Giving windows and doors a signature look has never been easier. Complement the interior with:

  • Corner blocks
  • Rosettes
  • Available in pine or oak

Sizes, Drawings, Clear Opening Charts, Specifications

Sizes, Architectural Data & Drawings

This information is not available at this time. If you require the information, you may be able to obtain it by special request through your local Kolbe dealer or Regional Manager. To find this information, go to Where to Buy. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Performance Data

Product Performance Data

  • Air, Water & Structural Test Reports Manual - Includes test data for both wood & vinyl windows and doors. Includes DP ratings; air and water infiltration test results (psf), and structural test results (psf), Hallmark certification numbers, TDI approval information, FL approval information, HVHZ approval information, and Dade County Notice of Acceptance. Products approved for impact performance are noted with the zone of approval.
  • Acoustic Performance Data - Test data for sound transmission loss for wood and vinyl products.



Wood and Vinyl Window & Door Products (Effective Jan. 1, 2012)
Wood, Ten (10) Years, Limitations Apply | Vinyl, Limited Lifetime

Insulating Glass (Effective Jan. 1, 2012)
Products with Stainless Steel Spacers: Twenty (20) Years
Products with Aluminum Spacers: Ten (10) Years
Limitations Apply

Factory Finishes (Effective Sept. 1, 2014)
Latex Primer, Five (5) Years | K-Kron, Ten (10) Years
Vinyl Finishes & Interior Wood-Appearance Lamination, Ten (10) Years
Polyester/Alum. Clad, Twenty (20) Years | Fluoropolymer/Clad, Thirty (30) Years
Limitations Apply

International - Wood & Vinyl Window & Door Products (Effective Jan. 1, 2012)
Five (5) Years, Limitations Apply

For other information relating to warranties, please contact your local Kolbe dealer.


Kolbe Flashing Information

Apr 10, 2012 - SKU# 5085340 - 3163kb

Guidelines for sealing Kolbe windows and doors during installation. Discusses the primary surface for shedding water. Includes various methods for appying flashing before and after unit installation.

Kolbe Sealant Information

May 31, 2008 - SKU# 5141500 - 192kb

General information about sealant types and sealant joint designs, such as lap joints, fillet joints and wide-butt joints. Includes comments regarding sealant performance on various building surfaces.

Maintenance Guide

Apr 02, 2008 - SKU# 5062530 - 604kb

Includes definitions and illustrations of various window and/or door components, operating & maintenance procedures for Kolbe products, cleaning products, reinstallation of removable sash, and care of hardware. Also includes frequently-asked questions about windows and/or doors, as well as information about condensation in relation to windows and doors.

Canada ENERGY STAR® Website Reference Document

Jan 29, 2008 - 883kb

This document explains how the search for Kolbe window & door product ratings on the Canadian ENERGY STAR® website.

Finishing Your Kolbe Windows & Doors

Apr 02, 2008 - SKU# 5139130 - 62kb

Includes finishing recommendations for your Kolbe windows & doors, exterior finishing of products, and interior finishing of products.

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