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Ultra Series Trad'l DH Replacement Sash Kits

Replacement sash kits allow you to have energy efficient windows with the modern convenience of tilt-in sash – without tearing into walls or ruining historic moulding.

Ultra Series

  • Pine or other wood species on interior
  • 10+ interior finish options
  • Extruded aluminum cladding on the exterior
  • Fluoropolymer exterior finish
  • 35+ exterior colors
  • 30-year exterior finish warranty

More about FSC-COC certified woodFSC-COC certified
wood available

Ultra Series Trad'l DH Replacement Sash Kits

  • Roll-formed aluminum clad sash with Ultra Series fluoropolymer finish
  • Sash made to fit into existing frames, easy installation
  • Spring-loaded block & tackle mechanical balances for a smooth operation
  • PVC jambliners with compression-foam backing allows sash to be tilted in and/or removed for cleaning
  • Brochure with Sizes, Measuring & Installation Instructions


Double Hung Shapes

  • Both top and bottom sash slide up & down to operate
  • Sash operation in segment head & half-circle top double hungs is limited depending on the radius involved
  • The top sash may be specified as stationary – making the units into "single hungs"

*Custom units may incur additional charges and/or longer lead times.


Glass Terminology
Standard - Double Pane Glass

Double pane glass achieves energy efficiency across various climate zones

  1. Double pane insulating glass unit
  2. LoE²-270
  3. Argon gas
  4. Thermo-Edge, stainless steel spacer bars

Double pane glass is standard for most Kolbe products. Size and other limitations may apply. Door glass is always tempered for safety.  Window glass may be tempered, and may be required for large glass sizes and/or to meet local building codes. For information about optional LoE coatings, tempered glass with LoE coatings, or exceptions to argon gas, please expand Glass Terminology above.

Option - ThermaPlus Coating

ThermaPlus is an optional interior coating that can be applied to help meet the strictest energy requirements, helping provide protection against heat loss and UV damage

  1. Double pane insulating glass unit
  2. LoE²-270
  3. Argon gas
  4. ThermaPlus coating on indoor surface
  1. Thermo-Edge, stainless steel spacer bars

Door glass is always tempered for safety. Window glass may be tempered, and may be required for large glass sizes and/or to meet local building codes. For information about optional LoE coatings, tempered glass with LoE coatings, or exceptions to argon gas, please expand Glass Terminology above.

Option - Laminated Glass

Laminated glass in one or all panes adds safety, security, sound control, and the ultimate in UV blockage

  1. Double pane insulating glass unit
  2. LoE coating options
  3. Argon gas
  4. Thermo-Edge, stainless steel spacer bars
  5. Laminated glass (i.e. Two pieces of glass fused together with a plastic interlayer)

Limitations for using laminated glass may apply if products must meet specific impact or design pressure ratings. Construction and structural modifications may be required to meet building codes. For information about LoE coatings, tempered glass with or without LoE coatings, or exceptions to argon gas, please expand Glass Terminology above.

Option - Impact Resistant Glass

Impact glass helps withstand harsh environmental conditions, especially in coastal regions. Combined with K-Force® impact product upgrades, this product offers a high level of protection against property damage.

Option - Finely Crafted Glass

Finely crafted glass is a decorative glass option that can include a variety of caming options, as well as colored glass, patterned glass and more.

Examples include:

  1. Water glass
  2. Beveled glass
  3. Color glass in a custom design
  4. V-grooves
  5. Pink water glass
  6. Zinc caming
  7. Clear water glass
  8. Beveled glass
  9. Brass caming
  10. Baroque glass

NOTE: Not available with LoE coatings, argon gas or Thermo-Edge spacer bars.

Option - Tinted, Colored or Patterned Glass

Tints, colors and/or patterns in glass can provide shade, privacy or visual interest.

Kolbe offers a variety of attractive patterns:

  1. Pattern 62
  2. Glue Chip
  3. Rain
  4. Frosted Matte
  5. Aquatex
  6. Reeded (horizontal)
  7. Reeded (vertical)

NOTES: Other patterns may be available by special order. Rain glass is not available with PDL bars on the obscure glass surface. Ratings for products with obscure or wired glass and/or stained glass shall be deemed to be equivalent to the ratings for clear glass (NFRC 200 Section 4.5.G).

Option - Neat Glass

Neat® glass goes through a special sputter-coating process to make the exterior surface ultra smooth. Water "sheets off" more readily than it would on uncoated glass, helping rinse away dirt, and therefore requiring less cleaning time (view video).

NOTE: Not available on units with specialty glass on surface #1 or 2.

Option - Preserve Protective Film

Preserve™ is an optional, protective film that protects glass from scratches during transit and construction, as well as helping to reduce the time involved in job site clean-up.

NOTE: Not available on single-glazed units, units with true divided lites or other small insulating glass units, or some types of decorative glass. Contact your local Kolbe dealer for more information.

Divided Lites

Option - The PDL System for Ultra, Heritage & Classic Series Products

The Performance divided lite (PDL) system uses a single insulating glass unit, which offers much better U-factors than true divided lite units. This is due to the large, unobstructed thermal break created by airflow within the insulating glass unit.

  1. Wood bars are adhered to the interior of the insulating glass unit*
  2. Aluminum, beveled-profile bars are adhered to the exterior*
  3. Champagne-colored bars are held within the insulating glass unit

*Some intricate designs and coastal applications may require a composite material for the exterior PDL bars and are not coated with fluoropolymer finish.

PDL bars

  • Exterior & interior bars are finished to match the exterior or interior of the window or door unit
  • Optional bar widths: 5/8", 7/8", 1-1/8", 1-3/8", 1-3/4", 2-1/4", 4-1/2" and custom
  • Interior bar profiles: beveled (standard), ovolo, and square

NOTE: Double pane insulating glass have one bar within the insulating glass unit, as shown above. Triple pane insulating glass have two bars, one in each airspace. Limitations may apply, especially to curved bars.

Option - Interior Removable Grilles for Ultra, Heritage & Classic Series Products

Interior removable wood grilles offer aesthetic flexibility, as well as easy cleaning. They are available only on wood products.

Construction & Benefits

  • Built with full surround frame and bars that interlock at the joints for stability
  • Applied to interior of window using exclusive hidden clip system
  • Offer the ability to change styles by removing the grilles
  • Can easily be removed to clean the glass
  • Species: pine (standard), other wood species (option)

Bar Profiles & Widths

  • Interior bar profiles: beveled (standard), and ovolo (option)
  • Optional bar widths: 7/8", 1-1/8", and custom

Factory Finishes

  • Prefinishing available to match interior finish of entire unit (option)

NOTE: If ovolo bar profile is chosen, glazing beads will be ovolo to match. If a finish is requested, it will be applied to both sides of the grille; i.e., the sides seen from the interior and exterior will be finished the same. Primer is not available on grilles.

Option - Grilles-in-the-Airspace for Ultra, Heritage & Classic Series Products

  • Achieves a style similar to true divided lites
  • Easy to clean, with no obstruction on the interior or exterior of the glass unit
  • Aluminum bars are sealed within the "airspace" of insulating glass units*
  • The bars allow air-flow throughout the insulating glass unit, creating an unobstructed thermal break, maintaining an energy efficiency not possible with true divided lites
  1. Contoured, aluminum bars (finishes below)
  2. Flat, aluminum bars (finishes below)
  3. "Pencil-shaped" brass bars
  4. "Pencil-shaped" pewter bars


Finish Options on Contoured & Flat Bars (contoured bars shown)

  • White
  • Beige
  • Sand
  • Rustic
  • Hartford Green
  • Chutney
  • Lt Wood
  • Dk Wood

GIA for Wood

NOTES: Ask your dealer about other options. Some units are available with:

  • Flat brass bars
  • Two-tones, i.e. one color or wood appearance option on the interior and a different one on the exterior
  • Custom patterns & bar "shapes" (limitations apply due to bending capabilities)
  • Diamond patterns are not available

*For triple pane units, the bars are held within the exterior airspace. GIA are not available on Ultra or Heritage Series Sterling Double Hungs, Studio Units, or Sliding Patio Doors with triple pane glass.

**The wood "finishes" are wood appearance options and not real wood.

Glazing Bead

Beveled Glazing Beads for wood products

Beveled glazing beads help create the traditional look of wood windows (standard for most wood products; option for Craftsman doors & Heritage Series tilt-turn windows)

Ovolo Glazing Beads for wood products

Ovolo glazing beads have a curved profile (option for most wood products; standard for Craftsman doors and Heritage Series tilt-turn windows)

Square Glazing Beads for wood products

Square glazing beads provide a crisp, clean appearance often seen in Craftsman or contemporary design (option for most wood products; standard for VistaLuxe Collection products)



On-screen images of finishes and colors may vary slightly from actual colors. Selections should be made based on actual color samples from your local dealer. Prices may vary depending on the color or finish chosen.

Sash Locks for Traditional, Magnum, Pocket & Old World Classic Double Hungs & Traditional Sliders

  • Clay
  • White
  • Beige
  • Brass
  • Antique Brass
  • Satin Nickel
  • Antique Nickel
  • Oil-Rubbed*
  • Rustic Umber
  • Matte Black

*Oil-rubbed is a "living finish" which will change appearance over time

Sash Lift Handles for Sterling, Magnum, Traditional & Pocket Double Hungs

Sash lift handles are optional on the bottom rail of the bottom sash of double hungs; colors are available to match the sash locks.

Available styles include:

  • Square-style handle (shown top right in Antique Brass)
  • Traditional-style handle (shown bottom right in Rustic Umber)

Curved Sash Lift Handles for Double Hungs (option)

Two curved sash lift handles are recommended per bottom rail of bottom sash, regardless of the unit size. The new curved sash lift is NOT compatible on units with retractable screens or on units with sash ploughs.

  • Clay/Rustic
  • White
  • Beige
  • Bright Brass
  • Antique Brass
  • Satin Nickel
  • Antique Nickel
  • Rustic Umber
  • Matte Black
  • Bright Chrome
  • Dull Brushed


Standard - No Screen

No screen included as standard, please select from the options below

Option - Full Insect Screens

  • Full screen (i.e. covers both sash) 
  • Aluminum frame in colors to match exterior of window unit
  • Corner keys for stability (some exceptions apply)
  • BetterVue screen mesh (see details & screen mesh options below)

Option - Half Insect Screens

  • Half-screen (i.e. covers bottom sash) 
  • Aluminum frame in colors to match exterior of window unit
  • Corner keys for stability (some exceptions apply)
  • BetterVue screen mesh

Option - StormGuard Combination Storm/Insect Screens

  • Glass storm panels can be closed over screens for extra protection in harsh weather
  • Glass and screen inserts are removable from the interior for cleaning
  • Weatherstripping around the inserts ensures a tight fit
  • Weep holes prevent sill damage
  • Extruded aluminum frames are a light-weight alloy
  • Frame colors:  Beige, White, Sand, Rustic, Hartford Green, Chutney, Ultra Pure White, and Coal Black
  • Sight lines blend with window
  • BetterVue screen mesh (see details & screen mesh options below)

BetterVue® Screen Mesh

  • Fine fiberglass mesh provides improved visibility
  • Tighter weave keeps smaller bugs out
  • Flame retardant
  • Light-weight & flexible
  • Doesn't corrode, stain, rust, crease or dent
  • GreenGuard® Certified

Option - UltraVue® Screen Mesh

Fiberglass mesh with qualities similar to BetterVue®, plus:

  • Enhanced visibility offers the ultimate in visibility
  • Exceeds other fiberglass insect screen mesh on the market

Option - Aluminum Screen Mesh

  • Strong and durable
  • Prevents damage from fiberglass screen-eating insects
  • Available in aluminum or charcoal-colored aluminum mesh

Exterior Material

Roll-Formed Aluminum Cladding - Sash

  • Durable .019" thick cladding of 5052 aluminum alloy
  • Roll formed tightly to the exterior wood sash

Exterior Finish/Colors

Standard - Fluoropolymer Exterior Finish

  • 70% PVDF fluoropolymer exterior finish
  • Meets performance requirements of AAMA 2605-13 – the most stringent testing procedures for organic coatings on aluminum extrusions
  • Resists chemicals, abrasion, corrosion, chalking and erosion
  • Maintains film integrity, retains the color and gloss
  • 30-year warranty extended directly to the homeowner (view Warranties)

    Ultra Pure White
    Spiced Vinegar
    Natural Cotton
    Coal Black
    Frosted Jade
    Bay Leaf
    Pumpkin Spice
    Hartford Green
    Mystic Ivy
    Green Tea Leaf
    Antique Red
    Patriotic Blue
    Cape Cod

NOTES: Actual finish colors may vary from on-screen images. Please make selections using color samples from your local dealer. Custom color are also available. For custom colors, please provide a sample to your dealer.

Option - Anodized Exterior Finish

Anodized finishes are created using an electrolyte process with oxide film to coat the aluminum cladding. This results in a reflective, metallic sheen.

  • Clear
  • Champagne
  • Light Bronze
  • Medium Bronze
  • Dark Bronze
  • Black
  • Auburn

NOTES: An acceptable light to dark color range is up to 5 Delta E’s, per AAMA 611-98 specifications, Section 8.3. This is due to variables which include (but are not limited to) part shapes, alloy variations and time in the anodizing process. This means that a sash part could appear slightly different in color than a frame part. This is considered acceptable. Samples of the color range are available upon request; even samples provided may vary from the final product due to these variables.

These are specialty colors which will incur an added charge and possible longer lead times. Actual finish colors may vary from on-screen images. Please make selections using color samples from your local dealer.

Interior Wood Species

Wood Species


  • Pine sash and interior stops


  • Other wood species may be available upon request; those shown are a small example of what may be available

  • Pine
  • Alder
  • Fir
  • Maple
  • Cherry
  • Oak
  • Walnut
  • Mahogany
  • Bamboo

NOTES: Because wood varies by nature, the actual wood used in our products may vary in grain and color from that shown here. Selections should be made based on actual samples.

Option - FSC Certified Wood

More about FSC-COC certified wood

For information about FSC-COC certified wood, please see the green tab above: PERFORMANCE & ENERGY DATA, GREEN tab above, then FSC Certification.

Interior Finish/Colors

Standard - Unfinished

Unfinished on the interior unless requested otherwise.

Option - Factory-Applied Primer

  • The interior of wood windows & doors may be ordered factory-primed
  • Primer prepares your windows and doors for a beautiful, painted finish to be completed on the job site

NOTE: Limitations may apply; contact your local Kolbe dealer for more information.

Option - Factory-Applied Clear Coat or Stain

Double Clear Coat

Let the natural beauty of the wood show with a durable clear finish. Note that when a double clear coat is requested without stain, a durable, solvent-based finish will be used.


Water-based stain is applied, then two coats of clear, water-based satin finish are applied to help protect the stain. The wood is lightly sanded between the coats. Custom stain colors may be requested.

  • Cherry
  • Chestnut
  • Coffee Bean
  • Ebony
  • Library Red
  • Light Oak 998
  • Red Wheat
  • Spiced Walnut
  • Sunset Oak
  • Wheat
  • Double Coat Clear

NOTE: On-screen images of interior finishes may vary from actual colors. Stain colors shown on pine. Selections should be made based on actual color samples. Limitations may apply; contact your local Kolbe dealer for more information.

Option - Factory-Applied Paint

After being factory-primed, a topcoat of water-based, acrylic type latex paint is applied.

Note that it is possible to obtain paint through any Sherwin-Williams retail store in the United States and Canada that is color-matched to Kolbe's interior colors. Just mention the name of the Kolbe interior paint finish, and they will have the color formula on file.

Custom interior colors may be requested by supplying a paint sample.

    Ultra Pure White
    Bright White
    Ivory Tusk
    Natural Cotton
    Misty Gray
    Coal Black

NOTE:  On-screen images of interior finishes may vary from actual colors.  Selections should be made based on actual color samples.  Limitations may apply; contact your local Kolbe dealer for more information.

Option - Factory-Applied Wire Brush Finish

  • Wire brushing creates a rugged texture and adds character to wood units
  • The perfect option to complement any rustic-style home

NOTE: Due to the nature of wire brushing certain limitations apply; contact your local Kolbe dealer for more information.

Sizes, Drawings, Clear Opening Charts, Specifications

Sizes, Architectural Data & Drawings

This information is not available at this time. If you require the information, you may be able to obtain it by special request through your local Kolbe dealer or Regional Manager. To find this information, go to Where to Buy. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Performance Data

Test Data and Reports:


Air, water & structural test reports are not currently available for this product. View reports for other Ultra Series products


Acoustic performance data is not currently available for this product. View reports for other Ultra Series products

Energy Data

Note: Traditional Double Hung Replacement Sash

Energy ratings for Ultra Series Traditional Double Hung Replacement Sash are the same as for Classic Series Traditional Double Hungs (whole units) & Replacement Sash Kits.

FSC Certification

Option - FSC Certified Wood

Kolbe® has been granted Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Chain-of-Custody Certification, as have many of our distributors.

The FSC is an international organization dedicated to promoting responsible management of the world's forests. FSC certification ensures that the wood in products come from well-managed forests which meet the social, economic and ecological needs of present and future generations. Chain-of-Custody is the path taken from the forest to the consumer – including each stage of transformation, manufacturing, storage and transport involving a change of ownership of the material or product.

Independent certification bodies assess chain of custody operations against FSC standards, review a company's qualifications, and award FSC certificates when operations are in full compliance. Certificates are valid for five years; however, according to FSC policy, the third party certification body must verify continued compliance. Kolbe has been awarded certification through Scientific Certification Systems, Inc. (SCS), which will conduct surveillance audits to reconfirm Kolbe's compliance on an annual basis.

Kolbe Products Available with FSC Certified Wood

FSC certified wood is an option on many Kolbe window and door products. Wood species available include alder, cherry, fir, mahogany, maple, oak, pine, walnut and other wood species. These products will be constructed using solid or edge-glued material, except for radius units.

Standard and impact performance Kolbe products available with this option include:

  • VistaLuxe Collection windows and doors (wood interior / extruded aluminum exterior; contemporary design)
  • Ultra Series windows and doors (wood interior / extruded aluminum exterior)
  • Heritage Series windows and doors (wood interior and exterior, includes Craftsman doors and Old World Classic double hungs)

FSC certified products can contribute points toward certification for LEED, Green Globes, and other green building programs. Kolbe will be happy to help architects and builders demonstrate their commitment to the environment by offering FSC-certified wood. By relying on certified architects and builders, homeowners can ensure that their project is built true to green initiatives.



Wood and Vinyl Window & Door Products (Effective Jan. 1, 2012)
Wood, Ten (10) Years, Limitations Apply | Vinyl, Limited Lifetime

Insulating Glass (Effective Jan. 1, 2012)
Products with Stainless Steel Spacers: Twenty (20) Years
Products with Aluminum Spacers: Ten (10) Years
Limitations Apply

Factory Finishes (Effective Sept. 1, 2014)
Latex Primer, Five (5) Years | K-Kron, Ten (10) Years
Vinyl Finishes & Interior Wood-Appearance Lamination, Ten (10) Years
Polyester/Alum. Clad, Twenty (20) Years | Fluoropolymer/Clad, Thirty (30) Years
Limitations Apply

International - Wood & Vinyl Window & Door Products (Effective Jan. 1, 2012)
Five (5) Years, Limitations Apply

For other information relating to warranties, please contact your local Kolbe dealer.


Kolbe Flashing Information

Apr 10, 2012 - SKU# 5085340 - 3163kb

Guidelines for sealing Kolbe windows and doors during installation. Discusses the primary surface for shedding water. Includes various methods for appying flashing before and after unit installation.

Kolbe Sealant Information

May 31, 2008 - SKU# 5141500 - 192kb

General information about sealant types and sealant joint designs, such as lap joints, fillet joints and wide-butt joints. Includes comments regarding sealant performance on various building surfaces.

Maintenance Guide

Apr 02, 2008 - SKU# 5062530 - 604kb

Includes definitions and illustrations of various window and/or door components, operating & maintenance procedures for Kolbe products, cleaning products, reinstallation of removable sash, and care of hardware. Also includes frequently-asked questions about windows and/or doors, as well as information about condensation in relation to windows and doors.

Ultra Series Accessories - Standard Brickmould (#B820)

Jun 01, 2005 - SKU# 5122430 - 327kb

Finishing Your Kolbe Windows & Doors

Apr 02, 2008 - SKU# 5139130 - 62kb

Includes finishing recommendations for your Kolbe windows & doors, exterior finishing of products, and interior finishing of products.

Double Hung Crank Handle for Easier Accessibility

- 145kb [NEW ADDITION]

Crank handle allows double hungs to be operated with one hand.  Universal design option!

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