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Details about K-Kron II


K-Kron II is an excellent choice for historic and other special projects. Selecting contrasting colors for the window and doors vs. the trim makes a show-stopping statement.


The protection and beauty your wood windows and doors deserve is Kolbe's K-Kron II exterior finish system. K-Kron II is the highest quality warranted finish for exterior wood substrates in the industry. And, by offering so many colors, we provide you with the flexibility you need to create a truly unique project. Plus, if you prefer a specific color for a really custom look, take a sample to your dealer and we'll match it. 

Flexibility, durability, and beauty. That's why many architects and contractors insist on K-Kron II for the windows and doors in their projects.

Here's an overview of the features & benefits of K-Kron II:

  • Resists ultraviolet deterioration and chalking, chemical attack, as well as damage from salt, wind, sleet and snow
  • 10-year film integrity warranty extended directly to the homeowner (view Warranties)
Three-steps to applying the K-Kron II exterior finish system
  1. Before assembly, wood pieces of the window or door are immersed in a treatment with both an insecticide and a fungicide -- helping the exterior wood surfaces resist decay. This treatment meets standards set by WDMA I.S.4-2000.
  2. The windows or doors are assembled. Before installing the glass, two coats of a specially-formulated urethane primer by Akzo Nobel is applied -- helping to seal the wood and provide a bonding surface for the final topcoat. The primer is applied using a controlled-spray process which follows WDMA T.M. 11-2000 guidelines.
  3. Finally, a high performance urethane topcoat is applied. An airless, multi-step, controlled-spray system ensures complete, consistent coverage of the exterior wood surfaces. The result? Beautifully protected windows and doors.

The K-Kron II three-step exterior finishing system follows WDMA T.M. 12-2000 guidelines.

Film Characteristics & Properties of K-Kron II

Applies to units of Ponderosa pine, sugar pine, Douglas fir, helmock and other select wood species.

Film Characteristics:           

Two coats high performance urethane exterior primer followed with one coat K-Kron II exterior colored topcoat1

Colors Available:

31 standard colors; custom colors available

@ 60°2 ASTM D 523-89 (1999)

35 +/- 5

Dry Film Thickness:

Average total dry film thickness equals 6.0-7.0 mils (4.0-4.5 mils primer and 2.0-2.5 mils topcoat)

Color Uniformity:
ASTM E 1164-02

Color instrumentally and visually controlled

Dry Film Adhesion (Crosshatch):
ASTM Method D 3359-02 (Method B, 6 cuts) (WDMA T.M. 12-2000, 5.2.1)

2B or better after tape is pulled off

Wet Film Adhesion:
(24 hours @100°F followed by 24 hour dry) (WDMA T.M. 12-2000, 5.2.2)

2B or better after tape is pulled off

Boiling Water Resistance:
(WDMA T.M. 12-2000, 5.2.3)

2B or better after tape is pulled off

Muriatic Acid Resistance:
(WDMA T.M. 12-2000, 5.6)

15 minutes - no effect

Chemical Resistance:
ASTM D 1308-02
(WDMA T.M. 12-2000, 5.3)

Pass - no damaging effect

Freeze/Thaw Cycling:
ASTM D 1211-97
(WDMA T.M. 12-2000, 5.4)

Pass - no damaging effect (33 cycles complete)

Impact Resistance:
ASTM D 2794-93 (2004)

Pass - no paint removal

Mortar Resistance:
(WDMA T.M. 12-2000, 5.7)

Pass - no loss of film, no visual change after water and/or 10% muriatic acid solution clean-up

Blocking Test:
(WDMA T.M 12-2000, 5.8)

Pass - no part-to-part blocking

Weathering Resistance -
Color Retention:
ASTM G155-04a

Max. 5 Delta E Units color change

Outdoor Exposure
WDMA T.M. 3:

Exposed to Southern Florida, Phoenix, Arizona and Wisconsin. (Representing hot humid, dry and industrial climates)

Accelerated Weathering Test:
ASTM G155-04a

Pass - film maintained integrity and also examined for adhesion, checking, cracking, peeling, separation, chalking, dirt retention, mildew and changes in color and gloss

Abrasion Resistance,
Falling Sand
ASTM D 968-93 (2001) Method A

20,000 - 24,000 liters sand/mil of coated film

1 System available to approved applicators only.

2 American Society for Testing & Materials

NOTE: K-Kron II color selectors are available through Kolbe dealers. For an accurate, computerized color match, please take a K-Kron II sample to a local paint supplier.

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