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Installation & Maintenance Statement

Kolbe® manufactures windows and doors to the highest quality standards. Proper installation and periodic maintenance is essential for sustaining this quality.

Installation instructions provided with our products include information on installing units in traditional wood framing or concrete masonry walls lined with 1-1/2" (38mm) thick wood buck. Techniques covered in these instructions include utilizing Kolbe installation clips and screwing through the frame.

Sole responsibility for choosing the method of installation is applied to the architect, engineer, building owner, contractor and/or homeowner. Failure to install and maintain Kolbe products according to the installation instructions provided will void any warranty, written or implied.

Kolbe is not responsible for the design, performance or construction of the walls or roof beyond the perimeter of the window or door. Proper integration with the weather barrier of the wall and/or roofing system is the sole responsibility of others.

Care is taken to ensure a quality products Employees cooperate and learn from each other The Kolbe training department offers classes both for 
customers and employees Talented craftspeople build Kolbe windows and doors Windows and doors are built-to-order per customer 

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