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Care & Maintenance Tips

For service or replacement parts, please contact a Kolbe dealer near you.

Correct maintenance is necessary to keep your windows and doors performing well and looking good. That's why we've provided the following documents regarding care & maintenance of Kolbe windows and doors. If you have questions, please use our Contact Us Form and select "Product Question/Comment."

Installation documents are available on our Installation Instructions page.

General Maintenance of Window & Door Products

Maintenance Guide - 5062530
Includes glass cleaning, care for brass hardware, condensation information, etc.

Care & Maintenance of Hardware
Includes caring for specific hardware finishes, as well as general hardware maintenance tips.

Maintenance & touch-up for Aluminum Clad Windows & Doors

Maintenance for 70% PVDF Fluoropolymer Paint Finish
Includes information for maintaining the fluoropolymer finish on Ultra Series and VistaLuxe® Collection extruded aluminum products.

Touch Up Procedure for Aluminum Paint Finishes
Includes information about "touch-up" products, as well as how to clean and prepare an aluminum product for touch-up or refinishing.

Anodized Finish Care & Maintenance
Includes scratch and dirt/grease removal information for products with an anodized finish on the exterior.

Finishing New Kolbe Windows & Doors on the Job Site

Finishing Your Kolbe Windows & Doors - 5139130
Finishing product on the job site. Includes general preparation of wood before finishing, various types of finishes, and how the application of finishes on the interior and exterior of wood products.

K-Kron II Factory Finish for Wood Windows & Doors

Information You Should Know about the K-Kron II Finish
General information about how wood products age and the performance you can expect from K-Kron II, as well as the general maintenance information.

The K-Kron II Wood Coating System Explained
Factory finishing of wood products. Includes technical information about the treatments used before finishing, how it is applied, the benefits, and finally the application of K-Kron II on the exterior.

Maintenance Recommendations for K-Kron II Finished Windows & Doors - 5025160
Discusses the need to periodically inspect wood products with K-Kron II finish, as well as how to clean and maintain the products and finish.

Refinishing Recommendations for K-Kron II
Best practices for touching up or refinishing wood products with K-Kron II finish based on the length and extent of exposure to the elements.

Other Basic Facts on Finishing
Information about installing products to ensure the integrity of the K-Kron II exterior finish. Includes general information about wood products. 

Other Maintenance Issues 

 Moisture Maintenance Issues for the Home
What causes condensation on glass and what to do about it.



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