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Careers at Kolbe

Kolbe employees are proud of the products they buildAt Kolbe, our custom capabilities and ongoing product developments make for exciting employment opportunities. To manifest customers' design ideas, we need talented men and women. We work with each employee to find the position best suited to his or her strengths. Plus, we maintain a balance between in-house advancement and outside resourcing. This helps develop the skills of our existing employees, while also remaining in touch with new ideas in the marketplace.

When you join Kolbe & Kolbe Millwork, Co., Inc. not only will you become a part of our team… you’ll become part of our family.

In addition to manufacturing positions, other positions are occasionally available. Inside sales, special millwork, research & development, drafting, purchasing, IT, marketing… many exciting positions are held by enthusiastic, hard-working men and women. For general inquiries, please use our Contact Us Form and select Other.

Job Openings at Kolbe

Northwestern U.S.

Regional Sales Manager (Read more) - posted 11/11/14

Wausau, Wisconsin

NEW: Installer for the Kolbe Gallery Central Wisconsin (Read more) - posted 03/17/2015

NEW: Marketing Intern (Read more) - posted 03/16/2015

Field Service Technician (Read more) - posted 11/11/14

Manufacturing Engineer Co-op (Read more)

Digital Marketing Specialist (Read more)

Machinist/ Builder A (Read more) - posted 09/8/14

Field Service Painter (Read more) - posted 08/26/14

Over-the-Road Truck Drivers (Read more) - posted 07/11/14

Team members for general labor positions on the manufacturing floor 

Successful candidates can read a tape measure to the 1/32 of an inch, possess the ability to use saws, shapers, drills and drivers, are comfortable working in a variety of departments, and can lift up to 50 pounds on a consistent basis.

Please apply using our online form:
Kolbe & Kolbe Application for Employment

Or, you may apply by U.S. mail:
Kolbe & Kolbe Millwork Co., Inc.
ATTN: Ann Micholic
1323 South 11th Ave.
Wausau, WI 54401

Care is taken to ensure a quality products Employees cooperate and learn from each other The Kolbe training department offers classes both for customers and employees Talented craftspeople build Kolbe windows and doors Windows and doors are built-to-order per customer specifications

Kolbe & Kolbe Millwork, Co., Inc. is committed to provide equal employment opportunity to all qualified individuals regardless of their race, religion, color, sex, age, national origin, disability/handicap, sexual preference, etc. We base our hiring, upgrading, transfer, selection for training opportunities, wages and salary structure on the basis of performance and attitude, skill and experience, attendance, ambition, energy and aptitude.





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