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K-Force Products for Impact Resistance

Kolbe Products Perform in Hurricane-Prone Areas

Wausau, Wis. (Jan. 2011) –  Kolbe's K-Force® impact products deliver the strength and durability to withstand hurricane force winds and flying debris. Kolbe's K-Force offering is available in as Windquest® Series vinyl products, Heritage Series wood products and Ultra Series aluminum clad wood products. These window and door units are tested extensively to meet or exceed the strict building codes of the coastal region.

Designers, builders, owners and occupants do not need to compromise on appearance to achieve this level of protection and durability. Kolbe's K-Force impact products are constructed without unsightly brackets, visible rods or extra locks. The traditional styling, clean design and easy operation are accompanied by the highest performance against the elements.

"While many companies offer windows with impact-approved glass, Kolbe offers impact-approved products, such as casements, awnings, double hungs, Lift and Slide doors, outswing entrance doors, transoms, segment head and half-circle products," notes Cindy Bremer, Kolbe's vice president of marketing. "Several of our products also meet the rigorous Florida Building Code and Texas Department of Insurance requirements."

Kolbe's Windquest products are approved for use in the High Velocity Hurricane Zone and received notice of acceptance in compliance with Miami-Dade County codes, some of the most stringent requirements by any jurisdiction. In addition to Kolbe's Windquest products, its Ultra Series Majesta® Double Hung windows and TerraSpan® Lift and Slide doors have been certified to meet large missile impact Level D, and Wind Zone 4 testing standards (IPD4). This IPD4 rating indicates these products are an excellent choice for hurricane areas, as well for any region of the country that is subject to severe storms, tornadoes or gale-force winds.

As part of the K-Force line, Windquest products use double pane impact laminated, insulating glass as standard. The glass is designed to stay intact if it is broken. Each K-Force product uses glass with interlayer levels that are specific to the performance of each unit. That means that each window and door will perform at the highest level possible. Not only does K-Force impact glass provide safety and security from flying debris or intruders, it also provides higher sound transmittance levels.

Kolbe's Heritage Series and Ultra Series products with K-Force impact performance modifications are available as double pane units with LoE coating to help reduce solar heat gain and improve energy efficiency. Assisting with other environmental goals, Kolbe presents a range of sustainably-harvested wood species for the interior trim, such as those certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

To learn more about Kolbe's K-Force impact-approved products, please call 800-955-8177 or visit

What began in 1946 as a two-brother team has grown into an internationally respected manufacturing company. Kolbe & Kolbe Millwork Co, Inc. remains a privately held, community-oriented business located in Wausau, Wis. Covering nearly one million-square-feet, its state-of-the-art facilities feature high-tech machinery and a design center to present the creative possibilities offered by Kolbe windows and doors.

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