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Videos Demonstrate Kolbe Quality

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We're for the Visionaries | Product Installations/How-To | IBS 2015 Booth Tour

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We're for the Visionaries

Modern Views: San Jose, CA (09/16)

Enjoy the story of this one-of-a-kind, Frank Lloyd Wright style custom-build in San Jose, California. Through interviews with the homeowners and custom builder, viewers come to understand how Kolbe’s custom capabilities allow homeowners to frame any view while displaying their own unique style.

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Modern Views: Falling Waters, WV (03/16)

Perched on a cliff overlooking the Potomac River, Hawk's Nest is a one-of-a-kind residence. In Falling Waters, West Virginia, it is known by neighbors as "the glass house" due to its expansive VistaLuxe® Collection windows.

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Kolbe Visionaries (09/15)

See how several architects' visions were brought to life with Kolbe windows and doors. From handmade touches and customization to virtually limitless options, Kolbe helped these visionaries achieve magnificent architectural solutions.

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Kolbe Customization (09/13)

The best thing I think about being an architect is the satisfaction of starting with a client, taking an idea that begins as a vision in your head or in the client's head and then actually helping it become reality. One of the things we've always appreciated about working with Kolbe windows is their willingness to adapt to custom designs." - Kenneth Etten of McCormak + Etten Architects, LLP



Kolbe Craftsmanship (09/13)

"You can really do whatever you want with a Kolbe product. You can be the visionary. You can create the style." - Jeff De Lonay, President of Kolbe

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Interview with EJ Meade, Architect (10/13)

EJ Meade, architect, discusses the aesthetics of the VistaLuxe Collection: "The sight lines are great. That was probably the most impressive thing... that's something we've always looked for – how do we narrow that sight line and keep our alignment. Yeah, we're impressed..."


VistaLuxe 90° Corner Unit Field Assembly (07/25/16)

This video demonstrates the field assembly of a VistaLuxe 90° Corner Unit.

Full installation instructions, including sealant application procedures and safety precautions must be followed.


VistaLuxe® Collection Direct Set Installation Guide (07/25/16)

This video demonstrates the installation of a VistaLuxe® Collection Direct Set Window unit.

Full installation instructions, including sealant application procedures and safety precautions must be followed.


VistaLuxe® Collection 4-Way Intersection Steel Mullion Assembly (05/16/16)

This installation video demonstrates the mechanical assembly of structural steel mulls for VistaLuxe Collection casements and direct sets.

Shows a factory mull unit installation as well as a field mull unit installation.


Ultra Series Steel Mull Mechanical Assembly OUTSIDE of Opening (01/02/15)

Shows how to assemble Ultra Series casements with steel mulls outside the rough opening, using the 3S attachment method.


Ultra Series Steel Mull Mechanical Assembly WITHIN Opening (01/02/15)

Shows how to assemble Ultra Series casements with steel mulls within a rough opening using the strip anchor attachment method.


Folding Door Adjustment (02/12/13)

Demonstration of the adjustments that can be made to the folding door and folding window systems.

Trade Shows


Kolbe at the 2015 International Builders' Show (02/15)

Kolbe was a success at the 2015 International Builders' Show! It was held at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Kolbe had a prime location just inside the Central Hall from the Grand Lobby, which accessed both the IBS & Kitchen & Bath Industry Shows. Learn more

Product Demos 2015


Automation Options for Kolbe Products (06/15)

Kolbe is proud to offer the latest technology advancements integrated into select window and door products. You can now operate windows and doors with the touch of a button or the flick of a switch.

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VistaLuxe Collection (04/15)

The VistaLuxe Collection from Kolbe offers versatile options, precise attention to detail, and slim profiles that complement contemporary homes. Large expanses of glass to bring the outdoors in. Hear how Kolbe worked with architects to develop this product line that offers sleek, sophisticated windows and doors.

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VistaLuxe Collection Direct Set Corner Units (03/15)

The 90° direct set corner window maximizes the view with a seamless flow from the interior to exterior. Available with multiple options, including factory-assembled with a post or field-glazed without a post, this new product can be combined with other VistaLuxe units to create a unique configuration.

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Product Demos 2014

VistaLuxe Complementary Multi-Slide Doors (11/14)

A demonstration of Kolbe's VistaLuxe Complementary multi-slide patio doors. Kolbe multi-slide doors not only provide attractive aesthetics, but also ease of operation. These doors will complement the smooth, clean look of your VistaLuxe project.

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Ultra Series Tilt-Turn Windows (11/14)

A demonstration of Kolbe's Ultra Series tilt-turn window. Tilt-turn windows use multi-functional hardware to vent by swinging in at the side, like an inswing casement, or tilting in at the top, like a hopper.

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Ultra Series Crank-Out EP Casements (11/14)

A demonstration of the Kolbe Ultra Series EP casement. Crank-out EP (energy performance) casement windows feature triple pane glass to meet today's stricter building codes.

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Expansive Openings (11/14)

Kolbe offers numerous product lines and options to fit any expansive opening in your project. Kolbe's folding windows and doors, multi-slide doors, and TerraSpan® lift & slide doors can provide stylish and functional solutions for your project's needs.

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Ultra Series Folding Windows (11/14)

A demonstration of Kolbe's folding window. Using the same basic frame & hardware as folding doors, folding windows are perfect for projects needing a pass-through type serving system, such as hotels, clubs and restaurants.

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Product Demos 2013


VistaLuxe Collection (09/13)

Create an opening that complements your design with the VistaLuxe Collection from Kolbe. Collaboratively developed with architects for contemporary designs that utilize clean lines and multiple units to create large expanses of glass, the VistaLuxe Collection allows you to create an opening as unique as your project. 

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Ultra Series 90-Degree Corner TerraSpan Lift & Slide Door (01/13)

This corner TerraSpan lift & slide door unit includes stacking door panels on one side and pocketing panels on the other. Operation is nearly effortless, creating a massive expanse.

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Ultra Series Multi-Slide Doors (01/13)

Ultra Series multi-slide door panels can stack open or push into a pocket in the wall. Track fillers are incorporated into the sill for smooth, sliding operation.

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Ultra Series Folding Doors (01/13)

This folding door unit includes folding panels and two swinging panels that open like a French door. Narrow stiles and top rail allow a massive daylight opening.

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Windquest Series Impact Slider (01/13)

The Windquest Series single slider meets Performance Grade 60 and has Miami-Dade NOA. It features an automatic locking system and sash that are removable for cleaning.

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Heritage Series Entrance Door (01/13)

Kolbe doors can be customized for traditional or contemporary styles. This traditional door features a 2-1/4" thick door panel built of Alder, with high profile, custom moulding, sidelites with glass and more.

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Latitude Series Crank-Out Casement (01/13)

Latitude Series two-wide casement unit with Beige vinyl exterior, PDL bars, Baltimore brickmould coated in a Rustic color, and interior white laminate with Satin Nickel hardware.

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Heritage Series Push-Out Casement (01/13)

  • Saepele wood interior
  • One has multi-point locking system & retractable screen
  • Other has single-point locks & inswing screen
  • Prairie-style PDL bars
  • 2" brickmould
  • Basil exterior finish

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Product Demos 2012

Ultra Series Contemporary Door with Operating Sidelite (2012)

  • Inswing operation
  • Coal Black frame & 2" flat casing
  • Custom Red door panel
  • Frosted matte glass
  • White Oak interior with custom Ebony stain
  • Custom handle set in Brushed Chrome

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Ultra Series Crank-Out XL Awning (2012)

  • Coal Black exterior, custom black interior finish
  • 1-3/4" wide PDL bars
  • Satin Nickel heavy duty hardware

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Ultra Series 90-Degree Mulled Beveled Direct Sets & Awnings (2012)

  • Beveled direct sets & awnings mulled with a 90° corner post
  • Clear anodized exterior finish 
  • Maple interior
  • Motorized operators
  • Square profile glazing beads

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Retractable Screens for Ultra Series Crank-Out Casements (2012)

  • Available factory-applied
  • Kits available for installation in the field, including on previously-installed windows
  • BetterVue screen mesh
  • Rustic-colored hardware cartridge
  • Frame Width: Min. 20", Max. 75"
  • Frame Height: Min. 16", Max. 96"

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Ultra Series Sterling Double Hungs with Radius-Tops (2012)

  • Extruded aluminum clad exterior
  • Fluoropolymer exterior finish
  • Performance divided lites with 5/8" wide bars for historical appearance
  • 2-1/8" projected sill nosing

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Ultra Series Sterling Double Hung (2012)

  • Cottage-style (bottom sash taller than top)
  • 3-1/2" flat casing
  • Ultra Pure White exterior finish
  • 5/8" wide PDL bars in top sash
  • Antique Nickel sash lift handles

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Product Demos 2011 & Before


Ultra Series TerraSpan Lift & Slide Doors (2011)

  • Expansive Openings:
    Panel Ht: Min. 78'', Max. 144''
    Panel Width: Min. 30'', Max. 72''
  • Max. 10 panels per unit
  • Panels can either recess into a wall pocket or stack

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Ultra Series TerraSpan Lift & Slide Doors (2011)

  • Over 900 operational configurations, including 90-degree corner units
  • Impact performance upgrades available

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Windquest Series EP Casement (2011)

  • Energy performance of R5
  • Triple pane glass unit
  • Folding crank handle operation

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Windquest Series Casement with Transom (2011)

  • Impact-rated products
  • Exterior polyester finish available
  • Folding crank handle
  • Stainless steel hardware

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Windquest Series Single Hung (2011)

  • Constant force balances for easy operation
  • Bottom sash tilts-in & is removable
  • Locks automatically when the sash is pushed down
  • Brickmould & sill nosing on exterior
  • Black polyurethane finish on exterior
  • Meets impact certification of IPD4

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Old World Classic Double Hung (2011)

  • Custom curved glass
  • True divided lites
  • Mahogany construction
  • Ogee lugs on exterior for historic style
  • Brass pully system, brass chains & weights with proportionate balance

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Heritage Series Tilt-Turn Windows (2011)

  • K-Kron II exterior finish in Manchester 
  • 3-1/2" brickmould with backband
  • 2-1/4" wide PDL  bars
  • Cherry interior with custom stain
  • Multi-point locks

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Ultra Series Casement with Motorized Operator (2011)

  • Accessible design
  • Operates at the touch of a button
  • PDL bars widths of 7/8", 1-1/8" and 2-1/4"
  • Custom PDL pattern
  • 3-1/2" brickmould
  • Custom exterior finish
  • Various custom wood species including Sapele, Maple and Walnut with clear coat interior finish; Pine with Wheat interior stain

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Ultra Series Sterling Double Hung and Awning Transom with Motorized Operator (2011)

  • Transom is an awning with electric operator
  • Push-buttom operation
  • Great for hard-to-reach applications
  • Interior is laminated bamboo
  • Anodized metallic exterior finish
  • Bottom unit is a Sterling Double Hung
  • Dual-action lever allows sash to tilt in

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Latitude Series Double Hungs with Spread Mulls (2011)

  • Vinyl interior & exterior
  • 20+ exterior color options
  • 10-year limited exterior finish warranty

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Ultra Series Garden-Aire Patio Doors (2011)

  • Smooth, sliding operation
  • ADA-Compliant ramp sill option shown
  • Transom with 3-3/8" wide vertical PDL bar
  • Door lite with 1-3/4" wide horizontal PDL bars

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3D Tutorials


3D Revit Models (08/15)

To help you visualize Kolbe products in your projects, Kolbe is proud to introduce an expanded collection of Revit models with enhanced and upgraded features, including various style and finish options. Each Revit family has been built with the same parameters and tolerances we have in our manufacturing process. Our Revit families eliminate the guesswork for you.

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Downloading Kolbe 3D Models (2009)

  • 3D Revit & SketchUp models on Kolbe's website
  • 3D SketchUp models on 3D warehouse
  • Exterior trim
  • Over 30 exterior colors
  • Interior wood species & stains
  • SketchUp models for Ultra & Windquest Series
  • Revit models for Ultra Series

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Ultra Series Revit Models (2009)

  • Kolbe data and links
  • PDL bars in colonial patterns
  • Exterior trim options
  • Over 30 exterior colors
  • Extensive selection
  • Easy-to-use, detailed mode

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Revit Models of Ultra Series Folding Doors (2012)

  • Flush mount sill
  • Editable width, height, # of panels & wall offset
  • Over 30 exterior colors
  • Many interior wood species
  • Easy-to-use detailed model

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SketchUp Models of Ultra Series & Windquest Series Products (2009)

  • PDL bars & grilles-in-airspace in colonial patterns
  • Exterior trim
  • Over 30 exterior colors
  • Interior wood species & stains
  • Model available in Ultra and Windquest Series
  • Designer door hardware
  • Detailed and easy to use

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SketchUp Models of Ultra Series TerraSpan Lift & Slide Doors (2009)

  • Dynamic & static models
  • Corner, stacking & pocketing units
  • Reconfigure panel height, panel width & # panels
  • Over 30 exterior colors
  • Interior wood species & stains
  • Designer door hardware

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Videos from 2010 and Earlier

Point Five® Entrance Door System at IBS 2012 (2012)

Majesta® Double Hung Windows (2010)

Laminated Engineered Bamboo at GreenBuild (2010)

Energy Efficient Windows & Custom Wood Doors (by Kleber Ad at GreenBuild 2009)

Kolbe Windows in Earthquake Test (2007)

Impact Test (2005; WSAW; available at left)

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