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Kings Way Parade Home

Project Information

Parade Home Features Latitude Series Windows

Kings Way Homes has won more Parade of Homes awards than any other builder in southeastern Wisconsin. It offers mid-range, upscale and executive homes with 20 different base models including French Country, Federal and Colonial styles, which can be customized to the homeowners' tastes.

Regardless of the level of customization or style, Kings Way specifies Kolbe for all its homes. "Kolbe's Latitude Series vinyl windows are the best, both in terms of quality and in matching the aesthetics," says Christopher Moll, vice president of operations for Kings Way. He points as an example to last year's Greater Milwaukee Parade of Homes, in which Kings Way won the prestigious People's Choice award for its Auburn model.

Built in Waukesha, Wisconsin, the 20-room, 3,090-square foot Auburn features Kolbe's Latitude Series vinyl products, including an extraordinary set of curved, 9'-6" windows in the great room that provide spectacular lake views. The model's other external highlights include stucco-accented gables and a pitched roof with a copper cupola. The home's interior features angles, arches and curves that provide dramatic interplay.

"The presence of Kolbe vinyl windows in this award winning model home illustrates how well-regarded vinyl windows are among the home-buying public," notes Moll. "The perception that vinyl windows don't go with higher-end homes is totally a thing of the past. In fact, we even have some high-end customers who come in demanding vinyl."

Kings Way's residences average 35 Kolbe vinyl windows per home, all of which are distributed through Morgan-Wightman Supply Company of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. According to Moll, "What makes a good vinyl window are its components – the design of the sill, glass thickness, type of weatherstripping and heaviness of its gauge. Quite simply, Kolbe has the best in the industry. Kolbe's attention to detail and parts quality means that we have virtually no callbacks or customer complaints."

Kings Way has been specifying Kolbe's vinyl window products exclusively since 1999. Prior to choosing Kolbe, the company spent a year researching window manufacturers, including having manufacturers come to Elm Grove, Wisconsin, and having Kings Way's executives visit building sites to see various manufacturers' windows in action. Once the decision was made, Kings Way also asked Kolbe to assist with a product specifically designed for the builder's upscale homes. "They were very accommodating. They provided us with a slightly customized version with some extra accessories. Their willingness to do this kind of hands-on partnership is virtually unheard-of among window manufacturers. And we liked the fact that they are a Wisconsin company."

"We are fortunate to have a connection with both our distributor, Morgan-Wight, and our customer, Kings Way. It makes a significant statement about the strength and longevity of these relationships, and Kings Way's trust in Morgan-Wightman," says Mark Harger, general manager of the Kolbe Vinyl Division.

"We listen carefully to the needs and recommendations of these two companies," Harger adds. "Several of their suggestions have helped us improve our products, not just for Kings Way, but for all our customers. They often challenge us to provide our windows and doors as big as we can, while maintaining the performance and durability they've come to expect."

For the mid-range and executive home models, Kolbe's Latitude Series offer a breadth of options, too – including casement, awning, double hung, slider, radius and geometric windows, as well as sliding and swinging patio doors. Moll likes that these products are designed with traditional frame aesthetics, giving them attractive profiles akin to wood windows and doors. He points out "the sash are set back in the frame, and the glass is centered within the sash. The sash and frame corners are fusion-welded, which prevents air and water leaks, and also boosts the product's structural integrity."

Single hung, single and triple slider, radius and geometric windows are also available in Kolbe's Latitude Series. The trim sash design gives them a large daylight opening. Like the other Latitude Series products, they have fusion welded corners on both the sash and frame to ensure strong corner seals. Beyond white or beige, Kolbe's vinyl products can be colored to complement the home's overall palette. Many options and design enhancements are available, including flat or profiled grilles-in-the-airspace, which may also be specified in custom colors.

  • Kings Way Homes, builder
  • Morgan-Wightman Supply Company, Kolbe windows & doors dealer

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