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Crank-Out XL Awning

Massive sizes for massive style.

Kolbe’s Ultra Series crank-out XL awnings take

operational windows to new heights. Available

up to 5-feet-wide by 7-feet-tall, this product

meets the demand for extremely large, venting

units. With their heavy-duty hardware, crank-

out XL awnings operate smoothly despite their

large size. These windows can be ordered with

various glazing options, creating windows with

large expanses of glass that maintain the energy

efficiency for which Kolbe products are known.

The sash of crank-out XL awnings is 2-1/4" thick

to accommodate either double pane or triple

pane glass. Specially designed operating arms

and gears help the sash close tightly to the frame

with the greatest of ease. Weatherstripping

helps prevent air infiltration, while multi-point

locks allow more consistent closing pressure,

resulting in higher resistance to air, water and

noise. Units can achieve design pressure ratings

of DP 45, proving this window is truly designed

for performance.

Standard Ultra Series options, including finish

color, wood species, divided lites, and exterior

trim, are available on the crank-out XL awning.

With the multitude of options available, it’s easy

to customize a crank-out XL awning to fit any


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