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i n d qu e s t


e r i e s


a s e m e n t s

& a

Wn i n g s

IP & HP c


eP c



a s e m e n t

& a

Wn i n g


ta n d a r d


e at u r e s

3-1/4" overall frame depth; 1-1/8" nailing fin setback; 2-1/8" interior jamb

Constructed of multi-chambered uPVC extrusions that create a thermal

barrier and help reduce the intrusion of outside noise

Fusion-welded frame and sash corners help prevent the infiltration of water and

air while also providing greater structural integrity

White or Beige units

(color is integral part of the extrusion)

Glazed to the interior

Interior and exterior accessory grooves allow for addition of accessories to

further enhance the appearance and provide design flexibility

Integral 1-1/8" nailing fin provides easy installation and helps seal the

window opening

triple weatherstripped for a tight seal

Folding handle for casements and awnings has a sleek, contemporary appearance

with an ergonomic design for ease of operation

Multi-point locking system on casements is designed to pull the sash tightly to

the frame to ensure that all locking points are securely engaged

Dual locks on awnings allow sash to be locked and tightly sealed for optimal


Stainless steel operating arms for both casements and awnings are highly

resistant to corrosion

Full screen frame with BetterVue


fiberglass mesh is insect resistant and



certified for improved indoor air quality


All measurements are nominal.

* Argon gas may not be included with units to be installed in or shipped through high altitude areas.

Windquest Series products are designed to meet very specific needs. Choose from the

following types for casement & awning windows:


m Pa c t


e r f O r m a n c e

( i P )

Built and designed for coastal areas prone to hurricanes

IPD4, HVHZ, Miami-Dade NOA certified impact product

7/8" double pane, LoE


-270 insulating laminated glass filled with argon gas*


i g H


e r f O r m a n c e

(HP )

Built and tested to offer optimal design pressure ratings

Non-impact product

Performance Grade 90 for casements, Performance Grade 60 for awnings

7/8" double pane, LoE


-270 insulating glass filled with argon gas*


n e r g y


e r f O r m a n c e

( eP )

Built to meet or exceed strict energy efficiency requirements

Non-impact product

Certified to meet an R5 energy performance rating

1-1/4" total thickness of triple pane glass with LoE


-270 and LoE



filled with argon gas*