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We’re for innovation.


s not enough for

my windows to be beautiful,

durable and energy efficient.

They need to help me see

in a whole new way.

The TerraSpan


lift & slide door

provides up to 60 feet of panoramic

views to blend the indoors and the out.


We’re for people who want to take home building to new

levels of performance, with advancements in not only

extraordinary sizes and shapes, but also energy efficiency

and universal design. We’re for creative thinking that

redefines what’s possible.

Only Kolbe builds windows and doors that do the things

you dream about. Our craftsmen refuse to sacrifice

performance for size. That’s how our most impressive

windows and doors provide expansive views while

meeting local energy codes. We’re constantly reimagining

the size and scale of windows and doors to take home

building to new levels.