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To perfectly match your architectural design and performance requirements, products in the

VistaLuxe collection are available in three different profile styles: Flush, Accent, and Accent Plus.

Choose the style that best complements the design of your project’s aesthetic.


Flush style VistaLuxe windows and doors are

created with the sash in the same plane as the

frame. For an extremely streamlined look, choose

Flush Style VistaLuxe products. This style is available

with either double or triple pane glass. Flush style

direct set shown at right.


To add depth and visual interest to your project,

choose Accent style VistaLuxe products. The sash

is recessed from the frame to create a shadow

line, while still keeping glass in the same plane

across other Accent style VistaLuxe windows and

doors. Accent style direct set shown at right.

Accent Plus

For the increased energy efficiency of triple pane

glass with added depth and visual interest, choose

Accent Plus style VistaLuxe products. In the most

extreme climates, this style allows homeowners

to maintain the modern aesthetic while also

maintaining comfortable interior temperatures.

Accent Plus style inswing door frame shown at


VistaLuxe Styles



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Photo courtesy of Christopher Simmonds Architect

Photo courtesy of Christopher Simmonds Architect