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Glass Options

Divided Lite Options

Further customize your VistaLuxe windows and doors with the addition of divided lites. VistaLuxe products are available with performance divided

lites or grilles-in-the-airspace, and can be specified in a custom pattern to fit your project.

No matter where you live, Kolbe has the glass options to keep your home comfortable and meet

the energy efficiency standards in your climate. As standard, VistaLuxe windows and doors are

made with double pane, insulating




glass. LoE coated glass is designed to reflect indoor

heat back into the room during winter and block 96% of the sun’s oppressive heat during the

summer, cutting back on heating and cooling costs throughout the year. These glass units feature

state-of-the-art Thermo-edge spacer bars, and are filled with argon gas*, which has a 30% lower

thermal conductivity than air. Other options include:






A tinted glass recommended for warm climates that achieves solar control over

a wide range of the spectrum, while also helping to reduce glare.





Delivers the ideal balance of solar control and high visibility, to reject the sun’s

heat without affecting the view.


ThermaPlus LoE:

Helps to meet the strictest energy requirements; provides protection

against heat loss and UV damage.


Triple Pane:

Triple pane glass helps provide ultimate energy performance in windows. We

construct triple pane windows with three panes of glass, argon gas, Thermo-Edge spacer

bars, and the LoE coatings that best suit your climate’s needs.


Bronze or Gray Tinted:

Provides shading to interiors.



Safety standard in VistaLuxe doors. Essential to meet some building requirements.



Provides excellent UV blockage, safety, security and sound control.



Helps keep glass clean and debris-free during travel, installation and field finishing. The Preserve film is applied to the interior and

exterior of the unit, causing any mess to stay on the film and be removed easily once the job is completed.



Laminated IG







NOTE: Tested units include argon.

The laminate has 1/4" inner pane. Based on Lawrence Berkeley

Lab (LBL) Window 5.2 © 2003 analysis for classical UV transmission


Performance Divided Lites

Kolbe’s performance divided lite (PDL) glazing

system gives the appearance of true divided

lites without sacrificing energy efficiency.

Extruded aluminum bars are adhered to the

exterior and wood bars to the interior of the

single lite of insulating glass. Spacer bars

are installed within the insulating glass unit,

helping create the illusion of true divided

lites. VistaLuxe profile PDL bars are available in 7/8" or 1-1/8" bar

widths, with custom widths available. The exterior finish of the

aluminum bars will match the exterior finish on the unit.


Grilles-in-the-airspace are constructed with

aluminum bars sealed between two panes of

insulating glass, offering the look of divided

panes while reducing cleaning time. For units

with 7/8" insulating glass, flat, 3/4" wide bars

are available in a number of colors, including

wood faux finishes. Two-tone grilles are

available with either light or dark wood faux

finishes to the interior and White to the exterior.



C o l l e c t i o n

* Argon gas may not be included with units to be installed in or shipped through high altitude areas.

NOTE: Many other glass options standard to the industry are available; contact your local Kolbe dealer to customize a product to your unique specifications.