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Complementary Products

Folding Doors

Folding Windows

Folding windows can infuse a room with a remarkable amount

of fresh air by offering openings up to 52 feet. With up to eight

panels per side, folding windows are highly customizable with

a number of different configurations available. Choose 3"

stiles for increased glass area to complement your VistaLuxe


Breathe in the fresh air, add architectural interest and merge

outdoor and indoor space by using folding doors. Choose from

a variety of operating styles: doors that swing out, fold to one

side, or split and fold to either side. The large expanses of

glass are the perfect addition to a project that uses VistaLuxe

windows and doors – specify narrow 3" stiles for an even

greater daylight opening.

Photo courtesy of Kenneth M Wyner Photography Inc.

Photo courtesy of the Alexis Agency



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