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Photo courtesy of HR Pacific Construction Management

Complementary Products

VistaLuxe Complementary Multi-Sl ide Doors



complementary multi-slide doors upgrade standard

patio door openings by expanding rooms to merge the

outdoors with the indoors. Multi-slide doors can span up

to 24 feet wide and 10 feet high, with configuration options

that include stacking, pocketing, and custom corner units.

VistaLuxe complementary multi-slide doors have square

interior and exterior sticking, plus various stile, rail, and panel

thickness options to offer exceptional design flexibility and

match your VistaLuxe project.



Li ft & Sl ide Doors

TerraSpan lift & slide doors stack or pocket up to ten door

panels for extremely expansive openings – up to 60 feet

of panoramic views. TerraSpan doors offer more than 900

operational configurations, with panels that can either recess

into a wall pocket or stack within the opening. 90˚ corner

units are also available to make an even bolder architectural

statement. Because of their large expanses of glass, TerraSpan

lift & slide doors are the perfect complement to the VistaLuxe


Photo courtesy of Christopher Simmonds Architect



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