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Universal Design

See the Difference Quality Makes



Universal design is the concept of creating

products and spaces that are accessible and

comfortable for individuals of diverse physical

ability levels. Everyone has different needs

based on their abilities or limitations. This

could be anything from the need for additional

task lighting in a work area to help people see

better, to having entrance doors with flat sills

to allow people with mobility aids, such as

wheelchairs, pass through doorways with ease.

Living independently longer is more important

to the aging or disabled population and universal

design is what makes everyday living easier and

more comfortable.

Kolbe offers a variety of windows and doors that

are not only designed to make independent

living possible, but to do it with quality, style

and flexibility. Custom wood species, a multitude

of exterior colors and custom divided lites are just

a few of the options available to create a look all

your own. Whether your project is new construc-

tion or you are adapting an existing residence

for a special need, Kolbe’s windows and doors

with universal design options will give you the

freedom and style you are seeking.

Comfortable Living for Years to Come

Simple. Accessible. Beneficial.