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Double Hungs | Cross Section Drawings

NOTE: Drawings are not to scale. Brickmould is shown factory-applied and includes a PVC brickmould backer. Brickmould may be shipped loose for field application.

The PVC brickmould backer cannot be field-applied. Some units are shown with optional drip cap or nailing fin. For Ultra accessory or application drawings, see pgs.

196-202. Additional and the most current drawings are available at


Traditional Double Hung Cross Section Drawings

ble Hung

Traditional Double Hung with 1-15/16" Brickmould

Traditional Double Hung

Vertical Section

Horizontal Section

Tradition l Double Hung

with 1-15/16" Brickmould

Vertical Section

Horizontal Section


Kolbe Ultra Series

Traditional Double Hung Cr

Standard Traditional Double Hung