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Kolbe Ultra Series




Revit is Building Information Modeling (BIM) software that allows the user to design with parametric modeling

and drafting elements. Revit also allows the user to incorporate intelligence into each model such as architectural

details and product data, which helps an architect to create drawings and schedules that are fully coordinated.

Why use Revit?


All models are parametric, meaning

you can design objects by

modeling their components with

real-world behaviors and attributes


Models are constructed with

1-15/16" profiled brickmould and

sill nosing with additional casing

and sill assemblies available for



Performance divided lite options

in a colonial pattern allow you to

create different configurations by

specifying the number of lites high

and wide


Products include casements,

awnings, double hungs, sliders,

patio doors and entrance doors


Over 30 exterior colors to choose


Ultra Series Revit Model Features


Type catalogs allow you to upload all standard sizes of a product type

(example: all standard size casements)


Models intelligence allows you to add additional information about the product into the program,

including architectural details, product features and options, green building information, impact product

data and more

Other features of Kolbe Revit Models

Where to Download Kolbe’s 3D Models

Ultra Series Door Model


In the Architect Library or on product pages, look for the SketchUp or Revit icons




3D Models for Revit