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Options & Accessories

194 Kolbe Ultra Series

Sterling Double

Hung Retractable

Screen Kit

A retractable screen kit is

offered for Kolbe Sterling

double hungs, for those who

prefer an unobstructed view

at times. Wood components

that match the interior wood

species and finish disguise

the screen hardware, revealing only the beauty of the

window. When you do want to open your window

and use the screen, operation is practically effortless.

Simply press the pull bar down to the sill to engage

the screen. A gentle push toward the exterior allows

the screen to retract. BetterVue


fiberglass screen

mesh is used as standard for a clearer view.

Included in the kit are all the components necessary

for field installation on Ultra Series Sterling double



Kolbe’s durable StormGuard combination storm/

screen units provide extra protection from the

outdoor elements, as well as provide greater energy

efficiency. Units feature two glass inserts and one

screen insert that can be removed from the interior

for cleaning. Frames are constructed of extruded

aluminum made of a lightweight alloy, which is

easy to handle without sacrificing performance.

Weatherstripping along the top and sides of all three

inserts ensures a tight fit that will withstand harsh

weather. Weep holes channel water out to help

prevent damage to the window sill. The sight lines

and profiles of StormGuard units closely match the

window it complements, which means the unit will

blend in and your view will not be obscured. Screen

inserts have fiberglass mesh as standard; aluminum

mesh is optional. StormGuards for Ultra Series

windows are available in Ultra Pure White, White,

Beige, Sand, Rustic, Hartford Green, Chutney and

Coal Black. Only available for Sterling and Traditional

double hungs as well as double sliders.

Double Hung


in White



in Beige







a - Side rails

b - Cassette

(housing and pull bar)

c - Wood trim for side rails

d - Wood trim for housing

e - Screws

f - Wood trim for pull bar

Sterling Double Hung Retractable Screen Kit components: