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Universal Design

To meet the needs of homeowners with physical limitations, Kolbe offers a variety of windows and doors that are

designed to make independent living possible. From door sills that create a flush surface for easier passage between the

interior and exterior, to window and door hardware that provides ease of operation, we have numerous options that will

help make living at home far easier. Whether your project is new construction or you are adapting an existing residence

for a special need, Kolbe’s windows and doors with universal design options will give you the freedom and style you

are seeking. Below are some examples.

A crank handle hardware

kit for double hungs

allows the bottom sash to

be operated with minimal

effort. Available in white.

Double Hungs

Longer crank handles with

large knobs for casement

windows make operating

easier. Available in white

or clay.

Larger levers for multi-

point casement locks

make locking of a

casement window easy.

Available in white or clay.

Motorized operators

make opening and closing

casement windows simple

and effortless. Available in

white or clay.


Aluminum sill ramp kits

for Garden-Aire sliding

patio doors allow smooth

transitioning between the

interior and exterior of the


Sliding Doors

Wider door sizes help

provide additional space

for those who use

mobility aids.

Lever handles for

swinging doors are

available in a variety of

styles and finishes and

make operation easier

than doors with knobs.

ADA-compliant sills

(thermal break and

non-thermal break) for

swinging doors create

a flush surface for easy

access to pass through.

Swinging Doors

Many of these options meet standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Other options such as taller bottom rails on doors are also available to meet these standards.

Certain product limitations and modifications may apply. Please contact your local Kolbe dealer for more information.


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