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Glazing Beads & Muntin Bars

As standard, glazing beads have a beveled

profile, but may also be ordered with an ovolo

or square profile. Matching muntin bars are

available on units with performance divided lites

(PDL) and wood removable grilles

(square profile

not available on wood removable grilles)

. Units will have

beveled muntin bars on the exterior, regardless

of which profile is chosen for the interior


divided lite cross section drawings on pgs. 184-185).


Kolbe Ultra Series

Wood grilles are built with a full surround frame

and bars that interlock at the joints for stability.

Grilles are applied to the interior of the window

using an exclusive hidden clip system.* This

system makes unsightly pins and attachment

points unnecessary and removal or replacement

easy. As standard, bars are constructed of

unfinished pine and are 7/8" wide on windows

and 1-1/8" wide on doors. Custom grille

patterns, bar widths, wood species and interior

stains may be available upon request.

* A clear pin system will be used for Garden-Aire sliding patio


Wood Removable Grilles