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1-3/4" thick sash


Jamb depth is dependent on the number of panels

used. Wood interior jamb extension species to match

interior of panels


LVL locking stiles; stiles and top rails are a nominal

4-5/8" wide; bottom rail is a nominal 7-9/16" high


Frame shipped knocked down, prepped for assembly


Frame is constructed of Dark Bronze anodized

aluminum with pine interior stops


All exterior wood parts are treated


Energy efficient, insulating LoE


-270 glass

(tempered glass is

standard on multi-slide doors)


Glazed to the interior with beveled wood glazing beads


.090" thick, 6063 extruded aluminum alloy exterior

frame nosings are attached to the aluminum base

frame, while the sash exterior is covered with .062"

thick, 6063 extruded aluminum alloy


70% PVDF fluoropolymer finish on frame and sash


(meets performance requirements of AAMA 2605)


Frame corners are mitered or profile cut


Fully weatherstripped for a tight seal at sill, head,

jambs, panel interlocks, and pocket interlocks


Panel interlock is attached to and is a part of the frame

for pocketing systems


Continuous full-width sill

(sill can be set into the floor system for low

profile use)


Bottom rolling system with polypropylene-sealed

precision bearing wheels


Dark Bronze anodized weep sill with stainless steel

roller caps

(sill is prepped for water drainage and requires the use of a sill

pan as standard)


Multi-point lock


For stacking systems, lever handle set is standard on

lead panel


For pocketing systems, flush pull handle is standard on

lead panel, with slide lever on the interior


Folding aluminum nailing fin applied


Extruded aluminum filler to cover head track and side


Multi-Slide Standard Features

NOTE: All measurements are nominal.

146 Kolbe Ultra Series

Kolbe’s Ultra Series multi-slide doors upgrade standard patio door openings by expanding rooms to merge the outdoors

with the indoors. Multiple panels and large expanses of glass help form the perfect product to create an opening of

significant size. Multi-slide doors can stretch up to 24 feet wide and 10 feet high, with various stile and rail options and

panel thicknesses available. Multiple configuration options, including stacking, pocketing, and custom corner units, offer

exceptional flexibility. Configurations can be operated in a single or bi-parting direction.


Stacking: one way or bi-parting



Pocketing: one way or bi-parting



90 degree corner



Custom degree corners

Operational Options



Aligned Stiles

Illustrating Kolbe’s commitment to

the finest details, the stiles of multi-

slide door panels align perfectly

when panels are closed, offering

the maximum view.

Jamb Covers

Multi-slide doors feature an

extruded aluminum filler, color

matched to the exterior, to cover

the head track and side jambs.