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Lift &

Slide Doors


2-1/4" thick panels with end caps to match color or

wood species


Panels can pocket into a wall or stack together; 90°

corner units are also available*


4-5/8" wide stiles and rails provide a large glass area


70% PVDF fluoropolymer finish on frame and sash


(meets performance requirements of AAMA 2605-05)


Energy efficient, insulating LoE


-270 glass

(tempered glass is

standard on TerraSpan


lift and slide doors)


Glazed to the interior with a beveled wood cover


All interior wood panel parts are treated


Stainless steel multi-point locking hardware channels

provide corrosion resistance and increased security


Wheel sets are constructed of 300 series stainless


(drive bars, wheels, hubs and shafts, rivets, drive pins and link rods)


provide superior corrosion resistance


Panels available 30"-72" in width and 36"-144" in



LS100 removable handle set in Rustic Umber, Bright

Brass, Satin Nickel or Oil-Rubbed**


Black anodized flush mount weep sill is thermally

broken with 1/2" roller cap height


Black anodized recessed weep sill option with 1/2"

roller cap height


Panels are thermally broken using a .090" thick

extruded double-wall aluminum alloy frame press fit to

a non-conductive fiberglass core finished on the interior

with a solid wood cover


Fully weatherstripped for a tight seal


Pocket cover for all pocket doors


No visible fasteners


Traditional coped stile and rail joints both interior and



Glazing bracket is inter-locked and screwed from the

interior side of the core and hidden by the interior wood

panel cover


Removable handle


Up to ten panels in a system



Lift and Slide Door Standard Features

NOTE: All measurements are nominal.

* Curved units are also available; contact your Kolbe dealer for further information and to ask about the availability of other options not shown in this catalog

** The Oil-Rubbed finish is a living finish, which means that it will change appearance over time with use.


As standard, a stainless steel multi-point locking

system provides corrosion resistance and

increased security. Standard on the TerraSpan is

the interior LS100 removable handle set, which

is available in Rustic Umber, Bright Brass, Satin

Nickel or Oil Rubbed* finishes. The LS300 is an

optional handle, also available in a variety of finish

options. Double fixed handles

(fixed handles on interior

and exterior)

or single fixed handles

(on interior)

can be

utilized in some designs.













LS100 Handle Sets

LS300 Handle Sets

and Finger Pulls

(Also available in

Bright Brass and Oil-


144 Kolbe Ultra Series

*The Oil-Rubbed finish is a living finish, which means that it will change appearance over time with use.

TerraSpan lift & slide doors can add to a sustainable design project with their ability to bring in large amounts of natural

light, as well as help circulate air around the home when the unit is opened. A wide selection of choices are available to help

you customize an opening to meet your needs. Many glass options, finish options and over 900 operational configurations

make the possibilities nearly limitless.

Photo courtesy of Jim Tetro Photography.