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(pgs. 186-187):

(all door glass is tempered)


















Patterned-, bronze- or gray-lite


Laminated glass


Other options standard to the industry

Divided Lites

(pgs. 188-189):


Performance divided lites with 5/8", 7/8", 1-1/8",

1-3/4", 2-1/4" or 4-1/2" bars




Interior removable wood grilles with 7/8" or 1-1/8" bars

and full surrounds

Other Options:

(custom options are also available)


Stile and top rail options: 3"


or 6"


Bottom rail options: 4-5/8", 6", 7-9/16" or 12-5/8"


2-1/4" thick panel


Other wood species and FSC


-certified wood

(pg. 190)


Ovolo or square profile glazing beads and interior

divided lite bars

(pg. 189)


Interior prefinishing

(pg. 190)


Interior casing

(pg. 195)


Single point hardware for access door


Black pleated sliding screens available up to 177" wide

x 102" tall

(frame size)


Extruded aluminum accessories applied to accessory

grooves on the exterior frame

(pg. 192)


Toronto, Verona, Dallas or München handle set for

swinging access door

(pg. 142)


Concealed shootbolt locking hardware for folding



Uno or Aria handle set for folding panels with

concealed shoot bolts


Recessed floor track sill


, weep or non-weep in

Bronze Anodized finish


Recessed weep sill, Bronze Anodized finish


Weep sill, Clear Anodized finish


Extension jambs in a wide variety of sizes

(shipped loose for

field application if over 12")


Galvanized steel installation clips


Magnetic latch available to assist in keeping doors

stationary while open


High performance or K-Force


impact performance


Folding Door Optional Features

Finger Pulls for Folding Doors

When panels are configured such that the

final panel does not have a hinge handle

to pull in the panel, a finger pull can be

installed so that the panel can be pulled in

and secured. Finger pulls are available in

Bright Brass, Chrome, Satin Nickel

(shown at


and Matte Black.

When panels are in an open position,

some movement can occur due to

wind or other factors. When magnetic

latches are attached to the panel,

the panels remain stationary under

normal conditions. The purpose

of this latch is to limit movement,

thereby keeping the panels in a fully

open position.

Magnetic Latch for Folding Doors


Kolbe Ultra Series

†† When folding doors are ordered with 3" stiles and panel size is larger than 8', panel thickness must be 2-1/4".

NOTE: All measurements are nominal.

Hinge color options for folding doors include Bright Brass, Chrome, Satin Nickel and Matte Black.

Photo courtesy of The Alexis Agency