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Geometric Units

Angled for interest, geometric windows are attention-

grabbers. Kolbe can produce a nearly infinite variety of

window shapes and sizes, with a vast array of glazing

options. Geometric units are sash set as standard and

built with specifications to complement our standard

windows and doors. We take the time to make sure the

profiles of the specific geometric unit chosen closely

match the unit it is mulled to or aligned with. We offer

geometric windows in triangles, octagons, hexagons,

pentagons, trapezoids and diamonds. If you’re

envisioning a different shape, we also build custom

shapes. A variety of decorative exterior casings and sill

nosing trims can be applied to further enhance the look

of your project. Many glazing, divided lite and exterior

finish options are available on Kolbe geometric windows,

however, certain options may depend on the shape of

the unit ordered. Contact your dealer about adding Kolbe

custom geometric windows to your plans.



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