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Glass & Divided Lite Options



-240, LoE


-270, LoE


-366, Neat and Preserve are trademarks of Cardinal IG.

Ask your Kolbe dealer about the availability of other options.

Performance Divided Lites

Kolbe’s performance divided lite (PDL) glazing system gives the appearance of

true divided lites without sacrificing energy efficiency. Extruded aluminum bars are

adhered to the exterior and wood bars to the interior of the single lite of insulating

glass.* Aesthetically pleasing spacer bars are installed within the insulating glass unit.

Together, these bars create the illusion of true divided lites. PDL bars are available

in 5/8", 7/8", 1-1/8", 1-3/4", 2-1/4" or 4-1/2" bar widths. The exterior finish of the

aluminum bars will match the exterior finish on the unit. Variations on the PDL option

may include custom divided lite patterns, custom bar widths or no spacer bars.

Glass Options


Standard tempered insulating glass with strong protection

against heat loss and UV damage.


Tinted insulating glass recommended for very warm

climates where maximum solar control is necessary.


Insulating glass recommended for all climates with

maximum protection against heat loss and UV damage.

ThermaPlus LoE

Helps to meet the strictest energy requirements; provides

protection against heat loss and UV damage.


Available on units to help keep the glass clean and debris

free. The film is applied to the interior and exterior of

the glass, protecting it through travel, installation and in

field finishing. Any mess stays on the film which is easily

removed once the job is completed. This option is highly


Triple-Pane Glass

Triple pane glass helps provide ultimate energy

performance in windows. We construct triple pane

windows with three panes of glass, argon gas, Thermo-

Edge spacer bars, and the LoE coatings that best suit

your climate's needs.


Provides the ultimate in UV blockage.


Glazing utilized to withstand harsh environmental

conditions, especially in coastal regions. Combined with an

impact product, such as K-Force


, this product offers the

highest level of security.

Bronze/Gray tinted

Provides shading to interiors.

Patterned or Colored

Creates visual interest and can also provide privacy.

Finely Crafted Glass*

Finely crafted glass is held within clear, insulating glass,

which provides protection to the decorative elements and

makes for easy cleaning. Available with brass, lead or zinc


*Not available with LoE, argon gas or Thermo-Edge spacers.



Neat harnesses the sun’s UV rays to loosen dirt so water

can rinse it away, leaving windows virtually spotless. A

special sputter-coating process makes the glass ultra

smooth, so the water “sheets off” more readily than it

would on uncoated glass, allowing you to spend less time


* Some intricate radius designs may have a composite material for the exterior PDL bar.

Interior Panel Sticking

TerraSpan lift & slide doors have a beveled profile interior panel

sticking as standard. So that TerraSpan lift & slide doors can match

aesthetics of a variety of projects, from traditional to contemporary,

and ovolo profile or a square profile are also available.