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p e c i a lt y


r o d u c t s

Specialty windows and doors make a statement all their own. Kolbe’s research and development team has

designed several products that are modern interpretations of classic favorites. Make your project unique by

choosing any of the specialty products we offer.


l d


o r l d


l a s s i c


o u b l e


u n g

Kolbe’s Heritage Series Old World Classic double hung is the perfect

window for projects dedicated to historical renovation. A brass pulley

system with brass chains and alloyed weights allow this unit to operate

with incredible ease, due to the proportionate balance between the sash

and weights. Ogee lugs may be integrated into the top sash stiles on the

unit exterior, providing added detail and historical

authenticity. Choose from single, double or triple

hung units. Old World Classic units are custom-

built for each project and are available in numerous

wood species. Old World Classic units can be

prefinished on the exterior with K-Kron II in over

30 colors, plus custom colors.

brass chains

and pulley


a j e s ta



o u b l e


u n g

Ideal for large openings within commercial and historical renovation

projects, our Majesta double hung window creates a grand statement

with its massive size and traditional features. These made-to-order

windows can reach sizes of up to 6 feet wide by 12 feet high. We don’t

sacrifice performance for size, either – Majesta double hungs have

exceptional protection against water and structural forces and can meet

a performance rating up to CW-PG65. In addition, the window is rich,

warm and beautiful and has nearly endless design options available to

fit your commercial or historical project. Available as either a Heritage

wood unit or an Ultra clad unit.

Kolbe Windows & Doors


Thoughtful engineering coupled with patented design features

created the perfect double hung window. Available as either a Heritage

wood or Ultra clad unit, Kolbe’s Sterling double hung is designed with

traditional aesthetics and ease of operation in mind. The jambliner and

block-and-tackle balances that help the window operate are completely

concealed, providing a smooth interior and exterior appearance. The

innovative, multi-functional sash lock has a dual-positioning lever which

allows you to unlock, operate and tilt the sash in from one location. This

is also a high performing window, with standard units meeting DP50.

U.S. P




. 7,296,381 & 7,448,164


t e r l i n g


o u b l e


u n g