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Multi-Slide Doors

Sophisticated style in a significant size.



Kolbe’s Ultra Series multi-slide doors upgrade standard patio door

openings by expanding rooms to merge the outdoors with the indoors.

Multiple panels and large expanses of glass help form the perfect

product to create an opening of significant size. Multi-slide doors can

stretch up to 24 feet wide and 10 feet high, with various stile and rail

options and panel thicknesses available.

Kolbe’s multi-slide doors are designed to provide not only attractive

aesthetics, but also ease of operation and superior quality. Multiple

configuration options, including stacking, pocketing, and custom

corner units, offer exceptional flexibility. Configurations can be operated

almost effortlessly in a single or bi-parting direction. Many glass

options, finish options, and wood species make the possibilities nearly

endless – contact your local Kolbe dealer or visit our website to learn

more about what multi-slide doors have to offer.


Stacking: one way or bi-parting (French)


Pocketing: one way or bi-parting (French)


90 degree corner (custom)


Custom degree corners

Operational Options:

Aligned Stiles

Illustrating Kolbe’s commitment

to the finest details, the stiles

of multi-slide door panels align

perfectly when panels are

closed, offering the maximum


Special Features

Jamb Covers

Multi-slide doors feature an

extruded aluminum filler, color

matched to the exterior, to cover

the head track and side jambs.