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Kolbe Latitude



Mull Cover

Designed to provide a flush surface when joining multiple units, this is the standard mull cover for all

Latitude products. Its half inch width allows modular sizing of multiple opening widths and provides

space for structural stiffeners if required.

Frame Expander

The 2" frame expander provides a means of covering the rough opening. Or, it may be used in other

applications where exterior or interior gaps need to be covered.

Drywall Return Receiver

The drywall return receiver is a “U” styled accessory that is snapped into the interior accessory

groove. It accepts wood or drywall up to 5/8" thick and provides a finished receiver for extensions or

plasterboard returns.

Drip Cap

Vinyl drip caps are required for horizontal cover on field mulled multiple units. This part snaps into

the exterior groove to eliminate water leakage. A receiver groove allows the application of additional

accessories (such as brickmould, “J” channel, etc.) without removing the drip cap.

“J” Channel

Designed to provide a matching channel to accept siding, the “J” channel snaps into the exterior

accessory groove.

NOTE: Most of the trim options and accessories for the exterior of Latitude Series window and door products may be ordered with any of our exterior color coating options

(details on page 58). Please check with your Kolbe dealer for further information.