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Trim Options & Accessories

1-15/16" Brickmould

Designed to provide the traditional appearance of

wood brickmould, this brickmould trim incorporates

a built-in “J” channel.

3-1/2" Brickmould

This classic trim is perfect for upscale applications.

It is designed to snap into the exterior accessory

groove. Internal screw receivers provide stability.

Sill Nosing

Sill nosing is the final part of a trim system that, when

combined with brickmould trim, provides a traditional

appearance that is low maintenance. It snaps into the

accessory groove and is fastened into the trim with screws.

Baltimore Brickmould

The historical profile of this trim option provides

the opportunity to combine traditional aesthetics

with high performance products. It is designed

to snap into the accessory groove, and with

some modification can serve as a “J” channel for

accepting exterior siding.

3-1/2" Flat Casing

An exterior trim option that is often used to

complement homes with stucco façades, and for

other applications where clean lines and a smooth

appearance are desired.

For ease of installation and to provide a finished look, many accessories and trim options are offered for Latitude

Series windows and doors. Available in either White or Beige, they are applied by snapping into the interior or

exterior accessory groove that is an integral part of the window or door frame. Please contact your Kolbe dealer

about the availability of any accessories not listed here.


Kolbe Latitude