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Grilles-in-the-airspace bars are constructed

with aluminum bars sealed between two panes

of insulating glass, offering the look of divided

lites while reducing cleaning time. Choose from

standard 3/4" contoured grilles, 5/8" flat grilles

and narrow brass pencil bars. Bi-colored grilles

are also available in numerous interior/exterior

color combinations.

Performance Divided Lites

Performance divided lites (PDL) offer elegance

without sacrificing energy efficiency. Bars are

adhered to both the interior and exterior of a

single lite of insulating glass, creating the look

of true divided lites. PDL bars are available in

5/8", 7/8", 1-1/8", 1-3/4" or 2-1/4" bar widths

and include a champagne-colored spacer bar

between the glass to make the division appear

even more authentic.

NOTE: Performance divided lites are not available for single hung

or single slider windows.

Expand the character of your home or project by adding divided lites to your windows and patio doors. Choose anything

from a traditional, colonial-style pattern to a unique, custom design to accentuate the overall appearance. Divided lites

are available as performance divided lites or grilles-in-the-airspace.

“pencil” bars

contour bars

flat bars

Divided Lite Options


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