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Single Hungs


2-5/8" overall frame depth; 1-1/4" nailing fin setback;

1-3/8" interior jamb


Constructed of multi-chambered uPVC extrusions that

create a thermal barrier and help to reduce the intrusion

of outside noise


Fusion-welded frame and sash corners help prevent the

infiltration of water and air while also providing greater

structural integrity


White or Beige units

(color is integral part of the extrusion)


Energy efficient, insulating LoE


-270 glass


Glazed to the exterior with beveled glazing beads,

providing long-term performance while boasting crisp

angles and a traditional profile


Equal glass sizing provides matching sight lines from sash

to sash


Interior profiled “sticking” allow for a traditional



Interior and exterior accessory grooves allow for addition

of accessories to further enhance the appearance and

provide design flexibility


Integral 1-1/4" nailing fin provides easier installation and

helps seal the window opening


Fully weatherstripped for a tight seal


Stainless steel, constant force balance system provides

durability and ease of operation


Meeting rail is internally metal reinforced offering both

increased durability and security; meeting rail also

interlocks providing another seal against air and water



Recessed tilt latches allow the sash to be tilted in or

removed for easy cleaning


Top mounted sweep lock on sash provides security and a

slim, attractive appearance


Sloped sill directs water away from the interior and adds a

traditional appearance


Half screen frame with BetterVue


fiberglass mesh is

insect resistant and GreenGuard


certified for improved

indoor air quality

Single Hung Standard Features

NOTE: All measurements are nominal.

Single Hung – Interior

(White integral color)

Single Hung – Exterior

(Heat-reflective coating option in Cape

Cod on the sash and frame; Baltimore

brickmould with sill nosing applied in

Natural Cotton)


Specifically designed to pocket in an opening for

replacement projects


2-5/8" overall frame depth


No nailing fin


Pre-drilled for installation

Replacement Single Hung Standard Features

(includes standard features above, with the exception of the following substitutions):


Kolbe Latitude