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Swinging Screen Doors

Swinging screen doors are

available for field installation with

Kolbe’s single and double inswing

doors. Screen doors feature an

adjustable self-closing mechanism.

Double swinging screen doors

are equipped with spring-loaded

locking mechanisms on the head

and sill of the passive door. Energy

efficiency is provided by weatherstripping around the

frame perimeter and on the astragal of double screen

doors; rubber door sweeps meet the sill. Swinging

screen door frames are available in over 30 colors,

plus custom colors.


Kolbe’s durable StormGuard combination storm/

screen units provide extra protection from the

elements. Units feature two glass inserts and one

screen insert that can be removed from the interior

for cleaning. Frames are constructed of extruded

aluminum made of a lightweight alloy, which is

easy to handle without sacrificing performance. The

sight lines and profile of StormGuard units closely

match the window it complements, which means

the unit will blend in and your view will not be

obscured. Screen inserts have fiberglass mesh as

standard; aluminum mesh is optional. StormGuards

are available for many Ultra, Heritage, and Classic

Series windows.



in Beige

Double Hung


in White

Retractable Screen Kit

For those who prefer an unobstructed view at times,

a retractable screen kit is offered for Kolbe’s Sterling

double hungs, crank-out casements, and push-out

casements. Wood components

that match the interior wood

species and finish disguise the

screen hardware, revealing only the

beauty of the window. When you

want to open your window and use

the screen, operation is practically

effortless. Simply press the pull

bar down to the sill to engage the

screen. A gentle push toward the exterior allows the

screen to retract.

Included in the kit are all the components necessary

for field installation on either an Ultra or Heritage

Series unit.

Product Performance


Many of our products can be modified to meet

even the most strict building code requirements.

Depending on the criteria, Kolbe offers high

performance and K-Force


impact performance

products to improve air, water and structural

ratings or sound transmittance ratings. With each

level of modification, window and door strength is

enhanced. This could be by using additional sash

locks, alternative glazing methods or impact-rated

laminated glass. Contact your Kolbe window and

door supplier for further details.