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Keystones & Pediment Heads

Keystones and pediment heads add a classic touch

to the exterior of Heritage Series wood windows or

doors. Pine keystones and pediment heads may

be ordered unfinished, primed or prefinished with

K-Kron II to match your windows or doors. Ask your

Kolbe supplier for more information about keystones

and pediment heads.


Pediment Head

Wire Brush Finish

Most Kolbe wood windows

and doors can be further

enhanced by our wire

brushed finish. Wire brushing

creates a rugged texture and

adds character – the perfect

option to complement any

rustic-styled home. Due to

the nature of the finish, certain limitations apply.

Copper Cladding

Enhance the aesthetic

appeal of your windows and

doors with copper cladding.

Over time you will discover

the hidden beauty when it

develops a natural and unique

patina. Copper cladding is

available on most Classic

Series units.

Exterior Brickmoulds & Casings

Accentuate the beauty of your windows and doors

with Kolbe’s exterior brickmoulds and casings.

As standard, Heritage Series units have Kolbe’s

1-15/16" profiled brickmould (a). Options available

include 3-1/2" profiled brickmould (b), 3-1/2" flat

casing (c), 3-1/2" profiled brickmould with backband

(d), or 3-1/2" flat casing with backband (e).

Ultra Series windows and doors are standard without

brickmould. Optional extruded aluminum trim pieces

include 1-15/16" profiledbrickmould (f), 3-1/2" profiled

brickmould (g), 2" flat casing (h), 3-1/2" flat casing (i),

2" flat casing with backband (j), 3-1/2" flat

casing with backband (k), 1-15/16" bull nose

casing (l), 1-13/16" historic brickmould (m), ogee

casing (n), stucco trim (o), 1-5/8" brickmould,

beaded casing, or beaded casing with backband

(not pictured). Contact your Kolbe supplier about the

availability of additional or custom brickmoulds and


Limited exterior trim and casing options are also

available for VistaLuxe™ Collection, Windquest


Series, and Latitude


Series products.

a b





g h i




m n o

Heritage Series unit with

1-15/16" brickmould and

standard sill nosing

Ultra Series unit with 1-15/16"

profiled brickmould and

traditional sill nosing

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