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Performance Divided Lites

Kolbe’s performance divided lite (PDL) glazing

system gives the appearance of true divided lites

without sacrificing energy efficiency. Extruded

aluminum bars are adhered to the exterior and

wood bars to the interior of the single lite of

insulating glass.* Aesthetically-pleasing spacer

bars are installed within the insulating glass unit.

Together, these bars create the illusion of true

divided lites. PDL bars are available in 5/8", 7/8",

1-1/8", 1-3/4", 2-1/4" or 4-1/2" bar widths. The

exterior finish of the aluminum bars will match the

exterior finish on the unit. Variations on the PDL

option may include custom divided lite patterns, bar

widths or no spacer bars.

* Some intricate designs and coastal applications may have a composite material for

the exterior PDL bar.

True Divided Lites

True divided lites (TDL) give each unit the traditional

look often found in historical projects. Units with

TDL are comprised of 1-1/8" wide wood muntin

bars in between individual 5/8" insulating glass.* The

horizontal and vertical, colonial-style wood TDL bars

interlock with half-lap joints for strength and security.

Profile shadow lines enhance the warm, richness

of the wood on both the interior and exterior. The

exterior finish on the bars will match the exterior finish

of the unit. TDL options include custom patterns and

bar widths, other wood species and interior stain or

paint finishes.

* Traditional double hung sash utilize 1/2" LoE insulating glass.

True divided lites are only available for Heritage Series wood units.

Photo courtesy of The Alexis Agency

Glazing Beads & Muntin Bars

For most series, standard glazing beads have a beveled profile, but may also be ordered with an ovolo profile or

square profile. Matching muntin bars are available on units with true divided lites (TDL), performance divided lites

(PDL) and wood removable grilles. Most units ordered with TDL and PDL will have beveled muntin bars on the

exterior, regardless of the profile

chosen for the interior.