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Divided Lites &

Glazing Beads

Wood Removable Grilles

Wood grilles are built with a full surround frame and

bars that interlock at the joints for stability. Grilles

are applied to the interior of the window using an

exclusive hidden clip system.* This system makes

unsightly pins and attachment points unnecessary

and removal or replacement easy. Grille bars are

profiled on the interior like traditional grilles. As

standard, bars are constructed of unfinished pine

and are 7/8" wide on windows and 1-1/8" wide on

doors. Custom grille patterns, bar widths, wood

species and interior stains may be available upon


* A clear pin system will be used for Garden-Aire sliding patio doors. Wood

Removable Grilles are only available for Ultra, Classic and Heritage Series units.


Grilles-in-the-airspace are constructed with aluminum

bars sealed between two panes of insulating glass,

offering the look of divided panes while reducing

cleaning time. For units with 7/8” insulating glass,

contoured, 3/4” wide bars are standard in White,

Beige, Sand, Rustic, Hartford Green and Chutney.

Optional colors are light wood and dark wood faux

finishes. Flat, 5/8” wide grille bars are also available

in White, Beige, Sand, Rustic, Hartford Green,

Chutney, light wood and dark wood faux finishes and

Brass. Two-tone contour or flat grilles are available

with either light or dark wood faux finishes to the

interior and White to the exterior. Also available for

7/8” insulating glass are 5/16” wide brass or pewter

“pencil” bars.

Not all options are available for all products. Please contact your Kolbe dealer for


contour bars

flat bars

“pencil” bars


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