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Kolbe’s patio doors are a great way to connect your indoor and outdoor living spaces. For large

openings and expansive views, choose Folding Doors or TerraSpan Lift and Slide Doors. Sliding

patio doors are the perfect solution for an attractive and space-saving opening to a terrace or

garden. To allow for additional light and a panoramic view, mull a series of patio doors together,

or include matching transoms or radius units. Stylish hardware with finishes to match any decor

will add beauty and originality to your passageway.

Patio Doors

Inswing Patio Doors | Outswing Patio Doors | Garden-Aire Sliding Patio Doors | Folding Doors



Lift and Slide Doors | Multi-Slide Doors | Patio Door Transoms

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