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1-3/4" thick sash


Basic frame jamb width is 6-9/16"


Constructed of pine with pine interior head parting stops and side stops


Energy efficient, insulating LoE


-270 glass


1-15/16" exterior brickmould applied


Exterior frame and sash are latex primed


All exterior wood parts are preservative-treated


Heavy duty sash lock with Brass finish


Brass chains and pulleys


Fully weatherstripped for a tight seal


A proportionate balance between sash and alloyed weights creates a one-to-one ratio

Optional ogee


Brass sash locks

Brass chains

and pulleys

NOTE: All measurements are nominal.

Old World Classic Double Hung Standard Features

*The Oil-Rubbed finish is a living finish, which means that it will change appearance over time with use.

Square style sash lift

handle in Satin Nickel

Traditional style sash lift

handle in Matte Black

Sash lock in Brass


Heavy duty cam locks in a Brass finish are factory-applied to Old World Classic double hung units as standard. Sash lift

handles are optional. All double hung hardware is available in Clay, White, Beige, Brass, Antique Brass, Satin Nickel, Antique

Nickel, Rustic Umber, Oil-Rubbed,* and Matte Black.


Old World Classic

Double Hungs

Old World Classic double hungs replicate the charm of historical double hung windows for historically-accurate renovations

and projects. Their visible brass pulley system with solid brass chains and alloyed weights create seamless operation.

What’s more, every Old World Classic window is engineered especially for each unique project, offering an unprecedented

level of customization.


Kolbe Heritage Series