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2-1/4" thick sash


Overall jamb width is 6-9/16"

(basic box width is 6-9/16")


Frame thickness is 3/4" at side jambs and head


Sill thickness is 1-3/16", slope is 14°


Top rail is 3", stiles are 2-1/8", and bottom rail is 4-1/8"


Constructed of pine with pine interior head parting stops and

side stops


Horizontal sash parts are constructed with engineered core

for added strength


Energy efficient, insulating LoE


-270 glass


1-15/16" exterior brickmould applied


Exterior frame and sash are latex primed


All exterior wood parts are preservative-treated


Innovative, Bright Brass, heavy-duty sash locks; top lock

eliminates sash drop and is located at the center of the

top rail on the top sash; bottom lock is located at the

center of the bottom rail on the bottom sash for operating



Class 5 balance system capable of carrying sash up to 200



Concealed jambliners and balance system using a wood-

wrapped jambliner closure on the interior and an aluminum

closure on the exterior


Double row of heavy duty weatherstrip around all sides of

the sash for a tight seal


Innovative design secures the sash in place allowing this unit

to meet ratings up to CW-PG65 for certain units.

Concealed wood jambliners

provide a clean look

Optional triple pane glazing for

added energy efficiency

The innovative design of the Majesta locking

hardware provides both performance and

security. The turn knob and locking pin on the

bottom sash tightly secure the window, while

the heavy duty locking hardware on the top rail

of the top sash eliminates sash drop. Optional

hardware includes a keyed custodial lock

and sash lift handles. An optional hook and

pole device to help unlock and lower the top

sash is also available. All Majesta hardware is

available in Brass


, Rustic Umber and

Satin Nickel finishes.

Turn knob and locking

pin on the bottom of

the bottom sash in the

open position

Turn knob lock on

the bottom rail of

the bottom sash in

the closed position

Heavy duty locking

hardware on the top

rail of the top sash

Optional sash lift

handle helps to

raise the bottom


NOTE: All measurements are nominal.



Double Hung Standard Features




Double Hungs

Majesta double hungs are made-to-order in sizes as large as 6 feet wide by 12 feet tall to allow even larger openings in

the most expansive of spaces. The balances are specially made to match the size of the window and the hardware is

positioned in an easily accessible place, so this extra large window is very easy to operate.


Kolbe Heritage Series